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Maria Elizabeth Guerrera (Known for Mary Juarez) is a Women Wrestler, Martial Artist, MMA Women Fighter, Mercenary and Spy known for her name Mary Armstrong. Mary is a cheery and helpful member of the B.O.S.S. group and has been dubbed the group's medic.


Early Life

Maria was born in San Diego, California in 1993. MarĂ­a was the first daughter that her parents had in the family. During her childhood in San Diego, Maria was abused by her parents. When Maria got into a fight with her mother, her dad beat her up and then her parents kicked her out of the house at age of 15. Maria managed to survive the rough streets of San Diego for 5 months. She managed to survive stealing food and money from peoples houses and restaurants. She stole clothes from the clothing stores. She then, found a refuge in a homeless shelter in which she stayed there for almost three years. Where they serve bit of food three times a day. Maria continued with her studies in Abraham Lincoln High School in which she found a job as a Spy. Javier Perez the leader of the company hired the homeless Maria Guerrera for a position as a spy to give her a better life. Maria then, she changed her famiy name to Mary Juarez (later to Mary Armstrong.) leaving her family name and family in the past. Maria managed to get enough money to get an apartment on her own by help of her boyfriend Miguel Gomez. Maria got promoted by Sniper and was giving a full-time job with bigger pay. Maria is the only spy-member and mercenary who doesn't have a family. Maria say, that this people are her new family now.

Maria graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 2012 with a masters degree with help of her friends. Maria is currently studying in University of Miami, Florida and New York and hoping to get another master degree in Nursing, Military and Science. Maria is also taken Acting classes for the future. She is also currently training Martial Arts and MMA. Maria knows Taekwondo, Vale Tudo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and bit of Jet Kune Do, Karate and Bajiquan. Her master are Bren Foster, Anthony Morgan and Sniper. She currently getting trained by her leader Carlos. Maria is currently teaching the newcomers martial arts and army.

Early Story/Homeless Life (2008-2011)

Mary was the only daughter of the family being the oldest daughter. She is the second born child. The first one is her older brother Fernando Guerrero. She really got along with her brother Fernando, but not with her parents. She really had a really hard time under pressure with her parents while she was arguing. One night, during July, 2008, Maria got into a fight with her mother Florez for an argument they had. According to Maria they had two hour argument before her mother slap her and punch her leaving her no choice but to fight back due to self-defense before her father came from work and beat her up for hitting her mother. Her father hit Maria four times in the face before he kicked her out of the house leaving Maria Homeless. Her father kicked her out without any food, clothes or even her phone. Maria was injured and had couple of minor injuries in her face. She also had an enormous purple eye, but she didn't bother going to the doctor, or clinic or for help. Her brother wasn't present when that happened. Maria say, she only tried to stop her mother from hitting her before Maria had no choice but to hit her leaving her mom in shock before her father came sawing that. Maria was trying to get back home two times, but her family didn't bother to open the door for her.

Her pain is so big that she had no choice but to start living in the rough streets. She managed to survive stealing food and money from peoples houses and restaurants. She stole clothes from the clothing stores. She found a homeless refuge call San Diego Coalition for the Homeless in which she stayed there for almost 3 years. where they serve bit of food everyday three times a day. Maria was still stealing money from the people, she stole things from the homeless and clothes from the the stores. Maria tried to find a job to get her own apartment. Maria kept on going with her school. Maria left the robbery and she started to study to get the master degree in James Madison High School and in Abraham High School (2012).

Spy Career (2011-2012)

Maria was then found in the streets to Miguel Perez, in which Miguel offered her a job as a Spy Part-Time to get money instead of asking. Maria fall in love with Miguel Perez for helping her giving her job and helping her with her studies along with Tony Perez and Javier Perez. Maria was spying on Sasha in lincoln in which he got transfer three weeks after before the photo shot in Abraham High School. Maria was close enough to spy on her and she was order by Javier to beat Sasha up before Carlos could stop it to offer Javier his services. Maria was then promoted as a assistant for Miguel Perez as Full-Time job. Her contract was bigger ($1250 per month instead of $850 per month). Maria then turn on Carlos and Sniper to jump with Miguel, Javier, Tony and the other spies as evil to jump on the good spies. Javier then turn on them and was force to team up with Carlos as his partner to take down Javier's mess. Maria was then offered a job as a wrestler in which she was working and she was getting trained by Jeret Thomas Needham a wrestling coach of San Diego.

Wrestling Career (2012)

She served as the manager of Miguel and Tony through December while she was training. She applied for tryouts with the SFW. Maria under the name of Mary Juarez as heel made her debut (January 6, 2012) match in the ring against Cherry Wilson in which Mary won. She defeated the likes of Joy, Kate and Torrie. She become the #1 contender for the Women's Champion so quickly. Mary won the title from Torrie with help of her boyfriend Miguel Gomez himself. Mary defended their title for 1 month before losing it to Cherry with help of Torrie and Mila. Mary then turned back face and she changed her name under the name of Mary Armstrong. She defeated her friend Michelle for the Divas Championship, she then become crowd favorite. She started doing poses through March. Mary defended her championship for the longest making her be the longest title holder. Mary Armstrong accept a challenge from Torrie for the Divas champion in which Mary won. Mary became the first ever women to won the both titles in one night defeating four womens. Mary competed many dance competition led by the manager. Mary then retired wrestling. This happened when Carlos realeased her from the contract along with her friends from the company.

With all that money Mary rented her own apartment. She started working for San Diego as a part-time model. Mary and Miguel relationship ended.

Martial Arts Academy Championship Tournament (2012)

A few months before she was fired by Carlos, Carlos send an email to Mary to rehired her as a Martial Artist to join the mercenaries. Mary unfortunately declined his offer due to her released. Mary was then stopped many times by Miguel (Mary ex-Boyfriend) to join them. She was then thread by Miguel, Alejandro, Tony, Javier and Carlos in person. Carlos at last offer Mary a choice. If she doesn't join. She has to fight for that decision in the Martial Arts Academy Championship Tournament. Mary once again declined and her boyfriend beat her up. Carlos forced her to join the tournament or it's gonna get worse than just a beaten. Mary ask for help of Anthony a fellow swat member, friend of Mary to help her with Martial Arts. Jenny Del Rio and her friend Kayla Christine were also practicing Martial Arts with Mary, with Bren Foster as their coach.

Mary was practicing Taekwondo and Akiro through Bren Foster and some grappler and trapping moves from Anthony. She earned a black belt through her training with Bren. Miguel confronting her in the locker room before the start of the Tournament and telling Mary weather she makes a point or not she is "dead." This made, Mary very scared during the tournament. Mary was able to beat the first guy (Jimmy Perez) in the tournament through fear, she defeated Tony in the second round, she then defeated Alejandro Perez in the third round and managed to beat her boyfriend Miguel Perez in the semi-finals in a close match. This makes Miguel pissed making him hitting her. She advance in the semifinals where she faced Javier Perez. Javier Perez was request by her master to break Mary's knee to make easy for Carlos to claim the prize. Javier does so by breaking Mary's knee with elbows and a leg lock. After this Carlos and Tony were looking in Kendricks face for doing that to Javier (making Javier be out of the tournament) and Mary (breaking Mary's knee). This makes Mary be unable to be in the tournament.

Mary down on the mat for a few minutes after she stand up and she say that she can keep on going with the finals. Javier was Disqualified for violating the rules. Mary faced Carlos in the last round of the tournament (Carlos was the only one of his teammates crew to bow to her before their match started). Carlos made the first point but Mary managed to make two of them making Carlos bleed in the second point from a nose bleed. Carlos managed to make the second point by kicking the knee of Mary. Mary managed to make her stand and make her last point with a high flying spinning round house kick as they were even. At the end of the point during the final round of the tournament, being the last member being defeated eliminated by Mary with a spinning kick in Carlos's face, Carlos shows respect to her and says "You're all right, Mary" and personally gives Mary the trophy himself, thanking her for the good match. Carlos gives her a hug and shows his respects with a powerful respect bow. His friends came and gave them their respects leaving the master's dojo. Mary was the only adult women to won the male adult tournament.

Training (2013)

During the Martial Arts tournament, Mary finally accepted the offer of Carlos, in which makes Carlos and his group happy. Carlos send Mary and the others to Miami, Florida for Martial Arts and Army Training. During her training, Mary learned more about the art of Taekwondo and the secrets that Bren Foster hide. Mary become the 3rd Degree Black Belt in TKD. She was then send to Brazil to learned ValeTudo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in which she earned a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Due to her success she was then recruited by Carlos and Sniper along with other members. Mary, was the only member of the team to put extremely hard effort in her training making her be the third member of the party (She's Behind the second commandleader; Javier Perez and the leader of B.O.S.S.; Carlos Olivera.). During August, Mary was sent back to Florida to train Combat and Army for two months. During her training, Mary was still studying part-time in College just to get a Masters Degree in Science, Military and of Nursing. During November, Carlos, and Javier agree to give Mary the position as Field Medic of the team. Mary was giving a time off to cool off for two months giving her a part-time study only. Mary was send back to California to Study part-time.

New York (2014)

Mary was then send to New York, New York to study college and get to business with the rest of the crew. Mary is helping other Martial Artist to trained their students as a instructor. Mary is currently helping P.O. in Taekwondo as her instructor and in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helping Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro in Vitor Shaolin's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu NYC while Vitor is away due to his UFC. She's helping his class along with Carlos as her partner.

Mary is currently on business, training, as an instructor in Martial Arts and in Studies. She's also during this time in a process in a Mission coming up in Senegal, Africa for a rescue for Tolma Bakri.

Mercenaries (2013-2015)

Mary was currently during this time in the mercenaries training grounds during 2014. She has done some missions through her training as the field medic, surveillance, and scientist expert.

Training (2013)

  • The first training mission was taken in Summerfield, Florida (July 8, 2013): This mission was for taking down the terrorists of iraq and bomb the place, in which the team including Mary were successful. This led to another mission in which was taken in Canada.
  • The second one was taken in the country of Canada in the wildlife (July 21, 2013): This mission was about retrieving a file that has the plans and maps in their next and last mission. Mary served as the Medic and Surveillance during this mission. The mission was a succeed. Javier, Anthony and Carlos founded the file with help of her before the enemy arrived. This mission time was 04:30 minutes broken the record of 06:42 Minutes.
  • Third mission was a test taken in North Carolina forest (July 26, 2013): This mission was about disarming a bomb, alarms, crack codes, and retrieving files. Mary herself served as the Surveillance (along with Rita Wrights) and field medic. The mission was complete in 12:17 minutes.


Mary's Personality is a nice person who cares for others and look after her teammates and the other people. That made her the medic of the team. Other thing about Mary is that she's a care person. She cares more for the people more than she does herself. Mary looks after the people that needs help and she gives them an opportunity to join the crew. Mary helped more people than any other member of the team. Mary also used her money to help babies that needs help in the hospitals, in which it makes her very special for Carlos and her team. Carlos call her very important and special person. reactions to situations portray Mary as unapologetically "girly" and also rather pleasant. She is fond of collecting stuffed animals, buying clothes, playing the piano, trying new beauty treatments, and gardening. (A possible explanation to why she carries around a "Case of Heart with Medicines" as a unique item.) She also portray her as decidedly conservative such as her reactions to the Funny Bunny.

Mary is depicted as an extremely knowledgeable, and well-rounded individual. Evident in her poetic epilogue for each mission, and her ability to articulate herself and her emotions rather effectively to those around her.

She never swears or uses a term any stronger than "meanie." Her endings show that she is rapidly becoming accustomed to the realities of her situation. Her optimism remains undiminished by the mission itself.

After Carlos released her in 2012, Mary settled into her new life by buying a new house. She accepted that everything she had in her spy history was now gone, and looked forward to a brighter future.

Because of her actions as medic to the group of B.O.S.S. during the Missions, Cindy could possibly be thinking to start a new career in medicine.

Mary Juarez was a waitress at the Bar in San Diego, California. She's a helpful, service-oriented person who always thinks of other people first. Being accustomed to the harsh realities of society, she never loses her cool, even in extreme situations.

Mary likes to be nice with the people she doesn't know and she likes to smile. Mary likes to meet new people and get to know them. She likes flowers and the roses. She likes to hang out with her team and playing video games with them. She likes to hang out with Carlos, Kayla, and Jenny. Mary shares a strong feeling with Carlos.


Mary tends to get along with everyone, and even though Anthony Storm and Rita Wreight constant whining may grate upon her at times, you'd never know it by her cheerful disposition. Carlos seems to see her in the Bar often and the two seem to get along quite well despite his failed attempts at flirting. However, she doesn't seem to get along with Javier Perez very well due to his bad temper and that Javier doesn't seem to care about her. Her relationship with Carlos is left rather ambiguous, although it is implied in Carlos's Diary that he held some intimacy toward her. Mary gets along with Kayla Christine in which she gets along with the most. Mary and Kayla work together as a team in every mission. Mary looks after her team even though she doesn't get along with them. Mary seems to look more often to Rita due to her accident in the fire. Mary gets along well with Carlos as both share the same feeling for each other themselves. Mary is getting along well with Anthony as he was the only one there for her back in her days. Mary got problems getting along with Javier, but they got each others backs during their missions.

Mary and Carlos shares a strong feeling. During the missions, Carlos cares a lot for Mary and he worries about Mary.

Personal Life

Mar Juarez learned Martial Arts under Bren Foster, Anthony Morgan Foster Rodriguez, Sniper and Carlos. Carlos tried to teach her Bajiquan, but it was hard for her to memorize the moves, so she hated. During her TaekWonDo training, Mary was a master in flying kicks, she does them alot and often during her missions. Mary explains that she likes to kick that's why she likes TKD. Mary likes also to grab people on the ground doing armbars, side control, and her favorite move is Triangle Choke,in which it belongs to Vale Tudo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She obtained her Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2013. And she managed to get the 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo do to her 3 years in TKD experience. Mary wants to stay single for a bit more according to her. Mary shares feelings for Carlos. Mary was in a relationship with Miguel Angel Perez known for his name Miguel Gomez. Mary and Miguel broke up in 2012 after her released from Carlos.


  • Mary was the hardest one to recruit in Carlos team due to her released in 2012, however, she rejoined with him, after her victory in the Martial Arts Tournaments after beating Carlos in the finals.


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