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The Magog Worldship.

The Worldship is a large starship that features in Andromeda.



The Magog Worldships origins were not precisely known except that it was claimed by the Magog that they were the ones responsible for its construction. By the time the Magog began invading the Systems Commonwealth, the Worldship was located in M86 which was situated in the Virgo Galactic cluster which was over sixty six million light years away. Eventually, Argosy Intelligence dispatched the High Guard vessel Andromeda Ascendant to follow the trail of a slip-scout in order to find the source of the Magog invasion forces. After arriving in M86, they discovered that the entire galaxy was filled with nothing but black holes and dust with only a single object present being the Worldship itself. From it, Magog Swarm Ships attacked the Glorious Heritage class cruiser and massacred its crew but not before it could escape into Slipstream. (Episode: The Widening Gyre)

This led to Beka Valentine launching a Nova bomb into the Worldships sun which extinguished it and killed large numbers of Magog but failed to destroy the massive space craft as the energy was absorbed by the Spirit of the Abyss. Following the battle, sensor scans from the Andromeda Ascendant revealed that the Worldship was already fusing hydrogen in order to fashion a new star with expected recovery being between 1 to 3 years. However, within a month, it was believed that the Worldship would be ready to launch invasions once more of Known Space. (Episode: The Widening Gyre)


In appearance, Worldship consisted of at least twenty planets that were all joined together to become part of some kind of structure with the center consisting of a star. Each of the worlds that made part of the vessel were completely hollow which allowed them to be heavily populated by the Magog with a populations of trillions. In addition, it was equipped with Point Singularity Projectors allowing the Worldship to heavily damage enemy vessels. (Episode: Its Hour Come Round at Last) The star that was located in the center was known to be of artificial origin. (Episode: The Widening Gyre)


  • Andromeda: "The Widening Gyre"

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