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Wraith in Superman Unchained v1 #3.

Wraith is a male comic character that features in DC Comics.



In 1938, the world was at the brink of the Great War with the military in America looking to seek aid and sending a message into space. Scientists had sent the message that was an incomplete but simple mathematical equation with the idea that an intelligent race could understand that the reason it was not completed was to indicate that more could be done by working together than apart. The alien race responded sending a pod containing him along with a more complex equation coated on the craft that contained various codes and formulae's on it. The alien was taken in by the American military with General Rudolph convincing President Roosevelt that the pod's occupant could be invaluable to their cause. He convinced them to set up a facility for him with this becoming known as the Machine and the pod's occupant being referred to as William Rudolph's Ace In The Hole (Wraith). As a result, General Rudolph was the first 'father' that Wraith had ever known and he became dedicated to serving the United States of America. Initially, the Machine served as a research facility to studying and implementing the knowledge that was on Wraith's pod. However, in time, it was used for more aggressive operations with Wraith being deployed on American initiatives when necessary where he operated for the next 8 decades. (Superman Unchained v1 #3)

In recent years, he began to work under General Sam Lane after he was briefed about the Machine and took over its operations. (Superman Unchained v1 #3)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

His physiology was similar to a Kryptonian with his cells similar to those of a yellow sun-empowered inhabitant of Krypton though one that had decades of exposure. (Superman Unchained v1 #3)


  • Wraith was created by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee where he made his first appearance in Superman Unchained v1 #1 (August, 2013).


  • Superman Unchained:

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