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Wyatt Halliwell is a male television character who features in Charmed.



Wyatt Halliwell

Although Wyatt does not appear until midway into season five, the character's presence is felt long before his arrival. When Piper visits the future in season two episode "Morality Bites" (1999), she discovers that she and her Whitelighter and future husband Leo Wyatt have a daughter, Melinda Wyatt named for her ancestor Melinda Warren. Although Piper fears in "Bite Me" (2002) that due to various physical traumas sustained over the years, she might never conceive a child, in the season finale "Witch Way Now?", the Angel of Destiny informs her that she is in fact, pregnant. In the season 5 première "A Witch's Tail", when Piper nearly drowns, an apparition of her mother Patty Halliwell counsels Piper to have faith; when Piper rises to the surface, she discovers her unborn baby's powers of self-healing, and from "Sam, I Am" onwards, it begins protecting Piper with an indestructible force field. In "The Day That Magic Died" (2003), all magic ceases to work on the day of Wyatt's birth, foretold in a prophecy concerning the birth of the 'Twice-Blessed Child'. Magical creatures such as unicorns and golden geese come to hail the child's birth. In the episode's conclusion, Piper's baby is born, and magic is restored. However, all are surprised when the baby is a boy.

In "Baby's First Demon", demons attempt to abduct newborn baby Halliwell. Piper and her half-sister Paige Matthews each launch attacks on the demon market in an attempt to deter demons from coming after Wyatt. Having touched the child and seeing a glimpse of the future, psychic demon the Crone puts out the word that the child is off-limits. In this episode, Piper decides to name the baby Wyatt Matthew Halliwell in honor of Leo and Paige who nearly died protecting him. Several episodes later, the Crone tries to steal Wyatt and use his power for herself in "Sense and Sense Ability", before the sisters kill her. Wyatt's great-grandmother Penny is summoned from the afterlife for baby Wyatt's wiccaning; she initially refuses to bless Wyatt because he is a boy and feels men cannot be trusted with power, though she later warms to him. In the season finale "Oh My Goddess", a Whitelighter from the future who calls himself Chris Perry arrives, ostensibly to help the Charmed Ones defeat the Titans; in a moment left alone with Wyatt, Chris reacts to Wyatt's protective bubble, noting that Wyatt will eventually learn to trust him.

In season 6 (2003-4), Wyatt is erased from existence by the magical "Cleaners" when he exposes magic by conjuring a massive dragon, until Piper persuades the Cleaners she can control him in "Forget Me... Not". In "Sword and the City", it is revealed that Wyatt is the heir to the mythical sword Excalibur of Arthurian legend. "Chris-Crossed" reveals Chris's animosity towards Wyatt when Chris is brought to the future by his lover Bianca, Wyatt is revealed to be Chris's older brother, and ruler of the underworld in a dystopian future; though Chris reveals Wyatt grows up to be evil, he does tell the sisters he is Piper's son, though Phoebe learns Chris is her nephew through a premonition in "The Legend Of Sleepy Halliwell". Learning of the evil future, Whitelighter Elder Gideon vows to kill Wyatt to prevent this future, unaware that the trauma from sustained attempts are what turn Wyatt evil. In season finale "It's A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World", Gideon successfully penetrated Wyatt's force field. Gideon enlists Barbas, Demon of Fear to realise Leo's fear of an evil Wyatt; Leo is distracted fighting with a physical apparition of Wyatt while Gideon kills Chris. Leo is forced to kill Gideon while Wyatt looks just before Piper gives birth to Chris in hospital.

In season 7 (2004-5), Wyatt learns how to heal in order to save Piper's life in "The Seven Year Witch". The episode "Imaginary Fiends" revisits the question of Wyatt's future morality. Piper is called to Wyatt's pre-school when he has begun talking to himself; in reality, Wyatt is talking to the demon Vicus, who is invisible and plots to slowly corrupt Wyatt with evil. Piper casts a spell so that she can better understand Wyatt, which has the effect of summoning adult Wyatt from the future. Future Wyatt kills several of Vicus' henchmen with a wide blast of explosive energy. After Vicus curses Wyatt's teddy bear, future Wyatt physically alters, becoming the evil Wyatt of the parallel universe. Adult Wyatt seeks to take baby Wyatt to the future so that the family cannot alter his timeline, so sisters set a trap for Wyatt using Leo as bait; Leo is able to convince baby Wyatt to give up the cursed teddy bear, restoring the timeline. In the finale "Something Wicca This Way Goes?", the sisters place Wyatt and Chris in the care of his grandfather, Victor before they are forced to fake their deaths to defeat the demon Zankou.

Using magical disguises to hideout as their own cousins, "the Bennetts", the Charmed Ones and Leo regain custody of Wyatt and Chris in season 8 première "Still Charmed and Kicking" (2005), before regaining their real identities in "Rewitched". In "Gone with the Witches" (2006), a demon tells young witches Billie and Christy Jenkins that the Charmed Ones' self-interest and greed will lead to the dark future where Wyatt is evil; to protect the future from Wyatt, they must kill the Charmed Ones. In "Kill Billie Vol. 2", the Jenkins sisters use Wyatt's powers to summon the Hollow — a dangerous mystical artifact that absorbs others' powers — and the Charmed Ones use their own to summon it too; the Jenkins steal Wyatt's abilities. In series finale "Forever Charmed", Adult Wyatt and Chris arrive from the future when they observe the timeline change and Wyatt's loss of his powers. They also let slip to their aunt Phoebe that she and Coop (Victor Webster) are a true love and will have children together. Wyatt and Chris feature in the flashforward montages to the future, which detail how the Charmed Ones lived long and happy lives; One or both of the two become parents, after taking up the fight against evil where their parents left off.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Force fields, telekinesis and telekinetic-orbing, reality warping, teleportation, extra-sensory perception; Numerous other whiterlighter abilities, and ownership of Excalibur.


  • Wyatt Halliwell was created by Brad Kern and was portrayed by actors Jason and Kristopher Simmons and Wes Ramsey

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