X-Men Marvel Universe Part 1

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Note: Dates are due to Marvel Time.

     Every story listed here features at least one of the core characters.
A core character is a past, present or future member of one of the X-Men teams,
with some exceptions.

Origin 1 (Wolverine)
Origin 2 (Wolverine)
Origin 3 (Wolverine)

Origin 4 (Wolverine)
Origin 5 (Wolverine)
Origin 6 (Wolverine)

Magneto: Testament 1
Magneto: Testament 2
Magneto: Testament 3 first part

WildCATS/X-Men: The Golden Age (Wolverine)
Magneto: Testament 3 second part
Magneto: Testament 4
Magneto: Testament 5

Uncanny X-Men 49 back up (Beast born - 1972)
Classic X-Men 16 back up (Banshee)
Logan: Path of the Warlord (Wolverine)

Ororo 1 (Storm)
Ororo 2 (Storm)
Ororo 3 (Storm)
Ororo 4 (Storm)

Storm Vol.2 1
Storm Vol.2 2
Storm Vol.2 3
Storm Vol.2 4
Storm Vol.2 5
Storm Vol.2 6
Angel: Revelations 1
Angel: Revelations 2
Angel: Revelations 3
Angel: Revelations 4
Angel: Revelations 5
Uncanny X-Men 54 back up (Angel)
Classic X-Men 15 back up (fb Cyclops & Havok)
Classic X-Men 19 back up (Magneto)
Classic X-Men 41 back up (Cyclops)
Classic X-Men 42 back up (Cyclops, Professor X, Marvel Girl)
Before the Fantastic Four: Ben Grimm & Logan 1 (Wolverine)
Before the Fantastic Four: Ben Grimm & Logan 2 (Wolverine)
Before the Fantastic Four: Ben Grimm & Logan 3 (Wolverine)
Team X/Team 7 (Wolverine, Sabretooth, Mystique)
Wolverine: Agent of Atlas
Logan: Shadow Society (Wolverine, Sabretooth)

Uncanny X-Men 38-42 back ups (Professor X recruits Cyclops)
Uncanny X-Men 44-46 back ups (Iceman joins)
Uncanny X-Men 55-56 back ups (Angel joins)
Uncanny X-Men 50-53 back ups (Beast joins)
X-Men Origins: Iceman
Marvel Comics Presents Vol.2 3 (Magneto)
Uncanny X-Men 1 (Marvel Girl joins)
X-Men Origins: Jean Grey second part
Uncanny X-Men 2
Marvel Comics Presents 72-84 (Weapon X/Wolverine)
Weapon X 1st Class 3 back up
Wolverine: Hunger

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