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Xavier's Security Enforcers are an organization that features in Marvel Comics.



The Xavier Security Enforcers (X.S.E.) was a policing organization on Earth that was formed in a possible future timeline. After the Sentinels defeat, the X.S.E. was created as a means of ending Homo Sapiens and Homo Superior hostilities by having Mutants police their own kind. (Bishop: Xavier Security Enforcers v1 #2)

A young Bishop and his sister Shard were taken in from the streets by the X.S.E. where they gave the pair a home. (Bishop: Xavier Security Enforcers v1 #2)

Omega Squad was dispatched to the home of J. Jerome Knox who was a wealthy human that wanted to improve relations between mankind and Mutants thus making him a target for extremists. He held a unification party that was a fundraising event where humans Mutants attended only to be attacked by extremists Mutants that were part of a faction called Fanatix. They managed to capture the terrorists only for one of their own to inexplicably go rogue and kill Knox. He was apprehended with the X.S.E. investigating the reason Randall who killed the target they were protecting but his actions had already impacted race relations as the Human Defense League used the opportunity to denounce the enforcers as a state-sponsored terrorist group. Randall was kept in a prison cell as the X.S.E. decided on the next course of action when a prison break occurred leading to the detainee managing to escape. During the process, he was seen to had freed the captured members of Fanatix who managed to flee the enforcers. (Bishop: Xavier Security Enforcers v1 #1)


Enforcers were divided into a number of teams such as Omega Squad. (Bishop: Xavier Security Enforcers v1 #1)

It was known to make use of teams of Psis that were used to scan the minds of suspects. (Bishop: Xavier Security Enforcers v1 #1)

To apprehend Mutants, they made use of neutralizer collars in order to pacify an individual. (Bishop: Xavier Security Enforcers v1 #2)

The organization was noted to had tense dealings with the Hellfire Club. (Bishop: Xavier Security Enforcers v1 #2)


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  • Fixx :
  • Greystone :
  • Hecate : dark haired female Mutant who operated as the head of the X.S.E. (Bishop: Xavier Security Enforcers v1 #1)
  • Malcolm :
  • Randall :
  • Recoil :
  • Shard :
  • Sureshot :
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  • Xavier's Security Enforcers were created by Whilce Portacio, John Byrne and Art Thibert where they made their first appearance in Uncanny X-Men v1 #282 (November, 1991).


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