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Xel'lotath was a deity that featured in Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.


"He lies...As do we all..."

Xel'lotath was one of the Ancients and the most mysterious of the three; being the Controller of the Mind and the only female member of the group. She controlled all green magick and creatures. She had somewhat of a split personality with shifting voices throguhout her speech frequently. She had an imposing female voice with a spine-chilling tiny whisper. Among her comrades, she had somewhat of a human figure but her legs were melded into a single form with a flexible tail appendage.

She had four arms with large hands though lacked a distinctive head though the her eye lied in the middle of her chest. She was capable of driving anyone or anything insane through the use of a mere suggestion. Her powers of madness was capable of obliterating the power of Ulyaoth though the great power of Chattur'gha was capable of tearing her limb from limb.

She had a blood curling presence and had a distinctive mark on humanity though she was destroyed by the machinations of Mantorok the Corpse God.

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