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The Yashida Zaibatsu is a business that features in the Wolverine universe.



The Yashida Zaibatsu was a technology development company that was formed sometime after World War II by a Japanese survivor known as Master Yashida. Yashida survived the detonation of the atom bomb by the hands of an immortal Mutant known as Logan who was being held as a prisoner in the camp. The true nature of the Wolverine only came when he was freed from his cell and saved the life of Yashida. Afterwards, Yashida became obsessed with his own mortality and sought the eternal life that Logan had leading to him spending billions of his own wealth to find the man that saved him at Nagasaki. This was with the secret hidden goal of extending his own life as he grew older. Yashida's goals nearly bankrupt the corporation an it fell to his own son Shingen to hide his father's expenses from the company's shareholders.



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