Yavid, General

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General Yavid was the leader of the Marauder troops on Endor. An unusually small Sanyassan, Yavid was little bigger than an Ewok but was nonetheless a fierce warrior and a valued member of King Terak's court. During the assault against the Ewoks and their human allies, Cindel Towani and Noa Briqualen, Yavid was left to guard the Marauders' mounts, the blurggs. When Teek set fire to the blurggs' feet and sent the huge beasts of burden into a foaming frenzy and they stampeded, Yavid ran after them to try and recapture them, but failed. After King Terak's death, Yavid attempted to claim the Marauder throne for himself but was thwarted by Terak's son, Zakul.

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