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The Yevetha are a species that feature in Star Wars.



The Yevetha were a humanoid species from the galaxy far, far away that were native to the planet N'zoth situated in the Deep Core within the Koornacht Cluster.

Following the Clone Wars, the Galactic Empire came upon the territory of the Yevetha and conquered it. The species were conquered and turned into a slave race after their technical talents towards technology was discovered. This the establishment of the Black-15 shipyards that was considered among the best repair facilities within the Empire with this largely attributed to the Yevetha work crews. From there, the Black Sword Command was based which maintained its presence and dominance over the Yevetha.

In time, an underground began to form with Nil Spaar being the leader of this group that operated for some time in secrecy. Around 8 months after the Battle of Endor, the Imperial garrison received orders for the site to the scuttled and their forces to retreat from their position. The communication was intercepted by the Yevetha with Nil Spaar staging a commando raid that took over the ships in orbit whose weapons were used to kill the Empire's evacuation forces. Thus, the Yevetha successfully managed to take control over the ships of the Black Sword Command.

Upon Spaar's return to his people, he orchestrated the next part of their initiative that brought about the Great Purge. This saw the deployment of the Black Fleet that began a campaign of brutal expansion and colonisation of the Cluster. Entire species were eliminated and colonies were purged of life with Yevethan colonists sent to settle these worlds.

In the years afterwards, the Yevetha attempted to rebuild their military in secret with this continuing until the Yuuzhan Vong War. During that time, the Fia came to fear a resurgence from the Yevetha and thus petitioned the Yuuzhan Vong to aid them in eliminating their foes. The extragalactic invaders used this as an opportunity to deal with a potential threat to their domination of the galaxy and thus secretly came to assault N'zoth. Despite the Yevetha's fleet, they were unable to best the alien invaders who massacred their population with the species as a whole being eliminated. A seemingly lone survivor on-board their fighter was stranded when forces from the New Republic arrived in the system where he revealed the truth of his race's demise and killed himself to join his people.


In appearance, the Yevetha were a skeletal humanoid race with distinct red eyes. By their wrists was a where they could protrude out deadly dewclaws on command that served as natural weapons.

Yevetha were shown to be a gifted technical species that were able to see any technology and not only quickly learn about its use but even improve on it.

A facet of their society was dominance killings whereby it was not considered a crime if a superior killed their subordinate. However, should a lower ranking Yevetha kill their better than this was a crime. Thus, subordinate Yevetha often bared their necks to their leaders as a sign of subservience. Superiors were expected to place their hands on the neck of their subordinates as a symbol of them accepting that they placed their lives in the hands of their leader.

The Yevetha were a deeply fatalistic race that did not fear death and fought till the end against their enemies. They considered other species to be vermin and were deeply xenophobic. This was to the extent that they followed cleansing protocols upon contact with other races and even burnt their clothing as they through decontamination.

Their government came to be known as the Duskhan League that was headed by a figure who held the title of Viceroy. Positions within the civilian government were headed by individuals holding the position of Proctor that oversaw their own respective fields such as information or commerce. Within the military, this hierarchy was reflected with Yevetha holding the rank of Primates.

It was said that the Yevetha had a simple approach regarding intruders with their territory which was they simply executed any trespassers.

A type of spacecraft developed by the Yevetha were spherical Thrustships. These vessels made use of Aradian pulse-lifters that allowed them to make carefully controlled descent onto a planetary surface.


  • Nil Spaar : a male Yevetha who headed the underground and came to be Viceroy of the Duskhan League.
  • Jip Toorr :
  • Ton Raalk :
  • Vor Duull :
  • Tal Fraan :
  • Vol Noorr :


  • The Yevetha were created by Michael P. Kube-McDowell and featured in the setting of the Star Wars Legends universe.


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