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Yon-Rogg is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



He had two children with him having a son named Zey-Rogg and a daughter named Una-Rogg. Una's nature meant that she was to be targeted by the Kree Bloodhounds in order to be psychically operated to remove her natural ability to alter emotions in the males. However, Yon-Rogg did not wish his daughter to be a victim of this program and thus forged documents in order to hide her from detection. (Captain Marvel v4 #13) Many years ago, he served in the Kree military where he rose to the rank of Colonel and came to be stationed on the Imperial Cruiser Pama under commander Zen-Prams. He served as his second-in-command with the ship containing an elite force of warriors. Their ship received an important classified mission from High Command and the Supreme Intelligence in the recovery of Grand Admiral Devros who had gone missing two cycles ago in the Absolom Sector. On this mission, their vessel gained a new crewman in the form of a highly decorated warrior named Captain Mar-Vell. (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel v1 #1)

Colonel Yon-Rogg commanded the starship as it entered Earth's solar system and had Captain Mar-Vell deployed on his mission to the primitive human planet. (Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #12) He was responsible for secretly activating the disabled Kree Sentry on Earth and having it attack Mar-Vell in an attempt to dispose of his rival. (Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #13)

In his quest for revenge, Yon-Rogg uncovered an abandoned Kree outpost on Earth that contained the long outlawed Psyche-Magnitron. After capturing Carol Danvers, he sought to use the Magnitron's power to re-create the deadly Mandroid which he intended to use to kill Mar-Vell. Once that was done, Yon-Rogg intended to use the Psyche-Magnitron to usurp the Supreme Intelligence and take over the Kree empire. (Captain Marvel v1 #18)

Though seemingly killed, his body was actually merged with the Psyche-Magnitron machine itself with his very being scattered across time and space. It took many years for him to put himself back together through sheer force of will. (Avengers Assemble v2 #16)

He then made contact with Kree-Lar where he requested a ship to take him back to Earth with him offering the planet to the empire. However, the Kree had no desire to take the planet nor to rescue a fallen soldier thus they decided to abandon him on the world. As such, he was rejected by his world with Yon-Rogg deciding to remake Hala on Earth as they sought to conquer the planet whereupon he merged with the shard of the Psyche-Magnitron and took the name Magnitron. (Avengers Assemble v2 #16)


Personality and attributes

After his rebirth, he merged himself with a shard from the Psyche-Magnitron and took the name Magnitron. (Avengers Assemble v2 #16)

He was in love with Una but could not claim her as her heart belonged to Mar-Vell. As a result, he sought to deploy Mar-Vell on a mission from which he would never return. (Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #12)

Powers and abilities


  • Yon-Rogg was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan where he made his first appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #12 (December, 1967).

Alternate Versions

  • In Ultimate Secret v1 #1 (2005), the character was Yahn Rgg appeared in the Ultimate Marvel universe set on Earth-1610. He was the Shipthane who was briefed on Gah Lak Tus and went mad as a result. The Kree commanded the vessel that brought Pluskommander Mahr Vehl to Earth for his infiltration mission but later attempted to try and destroy the planet.

In other media


  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Yon-Rogg appeared as an antagonist in the animated series in the episode "459" where he was voiced by actor Fred Tatasciore. He was the commander of Mar-Vell's expedition and ordered a Kree Sentry to detonate a Nega-Bomb to destroy Earth after he deemed the planet a threat. His plans were thwarted by Mar-Vell who aided the Avengers in stopping the Sentry from detonating the warhead. Yon-Rogg later accompanied Ronan the Accusers expedition to Earth in "Welcome to the Kree Empire" which was sent to determine the worth of the planet and whether it could join the Kree empire or be destroyed.


  • In Captain Marvel, Yon-Rogg appeared in the live-action film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he was portrayed by actor Jude Law. A highly skilled member of the Starforce, he was a pink-skin Kree who in the 1980s was dispatched to Earth to find and terminate the renegade Mar-Vell who in the guise of a human named Dr. Wendy Lawson was constructing a light-speed engine to take his peoples hated enemy the Skrulls to safety. They came upon Lawson in a human test craft that they shot down with Yon-Rogg terminating Mar-Vell before she could destroy the engine. It was then that he encountered Lawson's protégé a human pilot named Carol Danvers who detonated the engine thus exposing herself to its unique energy which was absorbed into her body. Though his mission could not be achieved, Yon-Rogg felt that the human was a vital find and found her ruined name tag which left only the name 'vers' behind. He took her back to Hala where she forgot her past and she received a blood transfusion from Yon-Rogg thus making her part-Kree where she was given the name Vers. She came to serve as Yon-Rogg's protégé where he helped train her and deployed her on missions when they were deployed by the Starforce.

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