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Yuno is a male character who features in Black Clover.



Yuno (ユノ)


Personality and attributes

From a young age, he had a deep desire to become the Magic Emperor with this developing into a shared dream with Asta. This became the source of their competition and rivalry as each strived to become better in order to become the wizard king.

Powers and abilities

He was a natural magic user and had an affinity for the use of wind magic (風魔法 Kaze Mahō). With this magic, he was able to create whirlwinds that were able to knock out some enemies with a single hit. Alternatively, he could use wind magic to support him in the field by generating whirlwinds to lift himself in the air and propel him through the air. Unknown to anyone, Yuno had the spirit of an Elf which reincarnated in his body.

Among the spells he knew included:

  • Towering Tornado :
  • Crescent Kamaitachi :
  • Tornado Fang :
  • Gale White Bow :
  • Swift White Hawk :
  • Wind Blades Shower :
  • Heavenly Wind Ark :
  • Sylph's Breath :
  • Spirit Dive :
  • Spirit Storm :
  • Spirit's Hushed Dance :
  • Spirit of Zephyr :
  • Liable Tempest :

One spell he could utilise was reinforcement magic whereby he coated his body in a mana skin that enhanced his natural skills and protected him from harm.

Yuno eventually gained a Grimoire of his own which was one of the rare four-leaf clover tomes that was said to be similar to the kind used by the first Magic Emperor.

From a dungeon's treasure room, he gained access to spirit magic and a familiar in the form of Sylph (シルフ Shirufu). As a spirit of the wind, was incredibly strong and able to cast powerful spells.


  • Yuno was created by Yūki Tabata where he featured in the setting of Black Clover.


  • Black Clover:

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