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Zarms iron fist were weapons and artifacts that featured in the episode "The Conqueror" in Captain Planet and the Planeteers.


The iron fist were five gauntlets created by the former spirit of the Earth called Zarm who left the planet in order to corrupt other worlds in space. He later returned with the plan of destroying Earth by corrupting the Planeteers by claiming to be an alien who wished to uplift Humanity. After failing to stop a devastating fire on an island, Zarm claimed that he would provide the Planeteers with the power themselves which were his iron fists. Gi, Kwami, Wheeler and Linca were tempted as well as goaded by Zarm in wearing the iron fist gauntlets and relinquishing their rings. Eventually, Ma-Ti convinced his friends to stop using the gauntlets and Zarm's plot was foiled.


Each gaunlet was a metallic glove that fit into a Human hand where the fingers were exposed. Similar to Gaia's rings, each was keyed to a different element and user. Their form prevented a ring from being worn on the same hand as the iron fist. Once worn, the user became more suspectible to Zarm's influence. After being worn, all the user required was calling out their element and adding the words "of Conquest" which unleashed the iron fist's power. This was emitted from an eye embedded at the palm of the gauntlet.

The power of the iron fist was said to have been ten times that of Gaia's rings allowing for grand powers such as creating 1 mile high tidal waves or creating islands in the sea or even burning them to a cinder. The gauntlet of heart was said to control the hearts of all the people on the planet though its effects were unknown as Ma-Ti refused to wear it.

The use of these gloves had a dramatic change on the personality of the user as well making peaceful individuals more merciless, warlike, cruel and competitive.

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