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Zelda is a robotic television villain who features in Terrahawks.



Zelda was the name given to a female android who was constructed by an unknown race of human-like aliens. She along with her comrades were created as robot slaves in the mold of their creators. On their world, they operated until their intellect grew greater than their makers. This led to them destroying their own creators and establishing their own civilization. At some point, Zelda commanded a fleet of her ships that headed towards the Sol system where they destroyed a NASA base on Mars. Afterwards, they made a scouting mission to the surface of Earth where Zelda abducted Doctor Tiger Ninestein. The android intended to dissect the human in order to discover how he operated and wanted him to call off any attack from the orbiting Spacehawk. However, Lieutenant Hiro who commanded the orbital gunship to open fire with the Zeroids complying with his order to attack the alien ship that was attempting to head to Mars.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Zelda was humanoid in shape with an old hideous appearance with sharp nails and white hair along with wrinkly skin. She was described as being a mechanical metamorph and was effectively an android with it said that she was styled after one of the oldest as well as wisest of her creators. Zelda commented that it was this reason that she along with her android brethren were so beautiful despite the fact that they were all hideous.

Her hatred of humanity stemmed from the fact they use robots to work for them, and being a robot herself, sought to liberate machines across the galaxy.

She came to have two 'children' that were Yung-Star and her 'sibling' Cy-Star.

Powers and abilities

She had a number of abilities beyond that of a human with her having the power to control matter. This allowed her to teleport her servants to and from Earth and to manipulate the size of any of her ships or aliens.


  • Zelda was created by Gerry Anderson as the primary villain of Terrahawks where she was voiced by actor Denise Bryer.


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