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Zeratul is a male extraterrestrial video game character who features in StarCraft.



He used the distraction caused by Tassadar to assassinate the cerebrate Zasz on Char,[10] accidentally revealing the location of Aiur to the Overmind in the process. While on Char, he befriends Tassadar and Jim Raynor, teaching Tassadar how to use dark templar powers in tandem with those of the Khala.[11] Later in Episode III he and a group of dark templar accompany Tassadar back to Aiur to aid the Protoss, but are hunted by Aldaris and the Conclave as heretics. Despite this, he is able to free Tassadar from the captivity of the Conclave[12] and supported by Fenix's forces, personally assassinates two key cerebrates in the Overmind's core defenses.[13] Zeratul then participates in the end battle of StarCraft that results in the death of the Overmind and Tassadar.[14]

Taking a larger role in Brood War, Zeratul and Aldaris form an uneasy truce, and together they lead the surviving Khalai Protoss to the dark templar homeworld of Shakuras. Pursued by the Zerg, the Khalai survivors find refuge among the Dark Templar, at which point Zeratul retakes his position as commander of their fleet. Dark Templar Matriarch Raszagal urges the player (commanding the Executor again), Artanis and Aldaris to collect two sacred crystals that can scour the Zerg from the planet. During this time, Kerrigan appears on the planet and requests an alliance. Although the Protoss are reluctant to believe her, they allow Kerrigan to accompany them. Aldaris, furious at this, remains behind. After it is realized that Zerg are also on Shakuras, Zeratul plans with his compatriots of Artanis, Raszagal and Aldaris to activate a Xel'Naga temple on the surface to destroy the infestation.[15] Aided by zerg-infected Kerrigan,[16] they are able to retrieve the crystals necessary for this and activate the temple,[17] but not before Kerrigan's ulterior motives are revealed and Aldaris is killed.[18]

In the final missions of Episode VI Kerrigan uses Raszagal to blackmail Zeratul into slaying the new Overmind on Char.[19] The Zerg/Protoss "alliance" was successful, Zeratul personally slew the Overmind, then demanded the return of the Matriarch. However, Raszagal refused to return and was revealed to be under the mental control of Kerrigan. Zeratul retrieves the Dark Templar Matriarch and attempts to flee Char and return to Shakuras via dimensional recall, but was pursued by Kerrigan's forces. The Zerg eventually overran his forces, and realizing that there was no escape and anguished by the realization that the damage to Raszagal's mind cannot be undone, Zeratul broke the stasis cell and killed the Matriarch. With her dying thoughts, Raszagal made Zeratul the leader of her people, nonetheless Zeratul felt incredibly guilty and unfit to accept the leadership. Kerrigan, taken by surprise, allows Zeratul and his surviving forces to leave, but not before noting that she derived sadistic pleasure by allowing him to live with the guilt of killing his own Matriarch.[20] In the following secret mission "Dark Origin", Zeratul stumbles across a genetic engineering facility while searching for Artanis and learns of a Protoss/Zerg hybrid being engineered by Samir Duran.[21] Zeratul, troubled by this knowledge, went into self-imposed exile with only a handful of followers at his side and began wandering the galaxy searching for answers.[22]

Four years after killing Raszagal, an experience that "scarred his soul", Zeratul journeyed through the stars in his spaceship, looking for clues to try to confirm the "cosmic event" that Samir Duran told him about[23] and seeking to know what sort of being Duran is.[8] He did find these clues and gained a vision of future that will come if they make a wrong decision and he sent that information to Jim Raynor. He would also encounter his old enemy, the Queen of Blades, whilst exploring ruins in a dimly-lit world. Their history of enmity would take an unexpected turn, as he later discovered a revelation that in the face of a greater threat, the Queen of Blades had to be spared in spite of her evil deeds, and that little time remained to prepare for the coming catastrophe or all will be lost.[24]

Zeratul appears in his own mini-campaign in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, focusing on the "greater threat".[25] This includes a few missions in Wings of Liberty.[26] Zeratul is also set to appear in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void as the main character of the Protoss campaign.[27]

Shortly after reclaiming some of her broods, Zeratul appears on Kerrigan's leviathan, and a short battle ensues. Zeratul is determined to help Kerrigan fulfill the Overmind's prophecy and entreats her to go to Zerus, the long-lost Zerg homeworld, to acquire the power she needs to confront the Dark Voice controlling the hybrids. He tells her that the same power will help her destroy Mengsk to ensure her cooperation. He later meets with her on Zerus's surface to give her a few more details, promising her that this will be their last meeting.


Personality and attributes

A somewhat secretive and calculating character, Zeratul is nevertheless a venerable and wise leader who is honorable and loyal to his species. He would gladly risk anything to safeguard Aiur. During the Great War, Zeratul allied with the Khalai Tassadar, despite his hatred for the Protoss Conclave that once banished his forebears. During the dire events leading up to the evacuation of Aiur, he also convinced the Khalai Protoss that his brethren, the Dark Templar, would be more welcoming of sheltering their estranged brethren in their lightless homeworld Shakuras in contrast to the consistently hostile attitudes of the Conclave towards his people. He knows that though he is scorned by the very same people who look to him for salvation, he is aware of what must be done to save the universe, and must still lead his people to salvation. He is also depicted as patient, tolerant and far-sighted: when Zeratul first met Tassadar, he refused to take offense even though he was attacked by the wary Protoss commander, even attempting to teach Tassadar the art of combat (while avoiding being struck). Eventually Zeratul overcame Tassadar's prejudice, beginning to heal the rifts between the Khalai and the Dark Templar. The two leaders (and Jim Raynor) came to an understanding, joined forces and hid from the Zerg. He often speaks in riddles, preferring that others come up with the answers to the questions he puts forward rather than answering them himself.

Powers and abilities


  • Zeratul was created by Blizzard Entertainment Chris Metzen and James Phinney where he was voiced initially by actor Jack Ritschel and then by actor Fred Tatasciore.

In other media

Video games

  • In Heroes of the Storm, Zeratul was a playable character in the setting of the MOBA video game.


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  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm:

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