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A Zeta Beam is a technology that is feature in DC Comics.




Unstable Zeta Cores could result in explosions capable of devastating an entire city and killing millions. (Justice League United v1 #3)


  • Zeta Beams were created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky where it made its first appearance in Showcase v1 #17 (December, 1958).

In other media


  • In Young Justice, Zeta Beams featured in the setting of the animated television series. They were shown as being used by both the Justice League and the Team to transport between various sites. These include the Watchtower, Mount Justice and various secret sites in the different cities where make use of face recognition to allow access to permissible individuals. Its revealed that its development came as part of the Erdel initiative headed by Adam Strange who was transported by Zeta Beam to Rann where he met Sardath. At this point, Kroloteans were responsible for stealing the technology and using it for their covert infiltration of Earth. This was until Sardath developed a Zeta shield that prevented access from other worlds to the tubes but allowed for global transport only.
  • In Krypton, Zeta Beams were referenced in the setting of the live-action television series where they were first named in "House of El". It was said to be technology developed by Adam Strange whose effects transported him across space and through time from Earth to Krypton's past in an effort to thwart a plot against the world by Brainiac. Due to the nature of the beams effects, it meant his presence on Krypton was temporary that caused him to disappear and re-appear at random moments.


  • Showcase v1:
  • Justice League United v1:

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