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The Zeus Cannon was a superweapon that featured in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.



The Cannon was built into an Olympic-class assault space station and was equipped with two heliotron devices which created a 6 million ampere nuclear fusion furnace that served as a power source. The heliotrons generated a 120 giga joule magnetic field within the accleration chamber which was where the cannon's barrel was located. Due to the risk of radiation exposure from the unique nuclear/spiritual energy from the nuclear thruster and giant OVO tank, a 100km radius from the Zeus cannon was restricted area for unshielded shuttles and shuttles who were prevented entering the region.

Within the habitat of the space station was a magnetic field gauge which had no contact points with the stations frame which protected it from the nuclear/spiritual energy emission shock. Part of the original design was to include a consecutive firing capability of up to 200 times but the pre-critical launch in 2063 resulted in malfunctions occuring such as the expansion of heat inside the acceleration chamber that warped the orbital weapon path and caused leaks throughout the coolant pipelines. The expansion of the material resulted in a shock wave that was substantial danger of destroying the cannon's barrel after only a few launches.

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