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The Renegade Zod.

Zod is a robotic cartoon villain that features in the Challenge of the GoBots.



He remained in the last Renegade stronghold on GoBotron when the Guardians initiated their attack. Fitor requested the use of Zod to aid in the defence but Cy-Kill refused as he stated he had need of him undamaged for his mission on Earth. When Cy-Kill reached Earth, he received a report from Fitor through the Astrobeam where his lieutenant once more asked for the use of Zod as their forces on GoBotron were losing. Cy-Kill once more refused and ordered Zod deployed to Earth where he was launched in a capsule towards to the human homeworld. The pod later landed on the Eastern bloc island of Stovilvoi where he supported the Renegades by dispersing the Russian soldiers at the base. He later forced the Guardians on a retreat where Cy-Kill forced Leader-1's team to escape into an ice cave. Cy-Kill later threw in an unstable shard of Sorium into the cave and had Zod belt the entrance in order to seal the Guardian's doom. Once done, he went underwater to travel to the mainland with the rest of the Renegades. Cy-Kill later dominated Earth through the use of the Sorium powered Pulsar Generator that made mankind subservient to his will. With them under his command, he had them work tirelessly in creating an entire legion of Zod's that he intended to deploy to conquer Gobotron. During this time, Leader-1's Guardian forces managed to evade capture where they struck at the assembly line where the Zod's were being brought together for deployment. Cy-Kill later in a rage had the captured Leader-1 dropped before Zod in order to be eaten but the Guardian was given a chance by the assistance of Scooter and Turbo where he went into a trash compactor. Zod pursued him but his head went before one of the heavy machinery where it got crashed. As a result, Zod was defeated and collapsed where Turbo used the giant GoBots power systems to energize the weakened Leader-1 who would have died without any energy transplanted into him. Unaware of this development, Cy-Kill prepared for the launch of his Zod armada when the Cheyenne Mountain facility came under attack from the Guardians and their human allies. Despite their attack, the Zod attack fleet was launched and headed towards Gobotron but Leader-1 managed to destroy the armada by teleporting the unstable Sorium in its flight path in deep space through the use of the Astrobeam. As a result, the Zod fleet was destroyed and the Renegade plan to conquer Gobotron was thwarted.

A number of Zod's were stationed on the secret Renegade mining outpost on a world in the Vega system. This facility was used to mine an ore with the native alien populace being forced into slavery. The Guardians arrived to combat Cy-Kill and in the resultant battle a chain reaction led to the ore becoming unstable where it exploded killing the Zod's though the Renegades managed to escape onboard a Thruster.


Personality and attributes

Zod set loose.

In appearance, Zod was perhaps among the most inhuman in form among the Renegades where he resembled a terrifying beast that towered over other Gobots.

He commanded such fear even among the Renegades who moved quickly out of his path when hearing his monstrous roars. Such was his power that Scooter even with a Guardian Command Centre felt that an attack on him would simply make Zod angry. As a result, he moved the Command Centre to retreat rather than face the terrifying Renegade. He was not above consuming GoBots that stood before him.

Powers and abilities

Zod could generate powerful blasts from flames from his mouth that could wound or destroy targets in his path. He was shown to ingest metal and occupied region of scrap that he devoured. In addition, he had a thruster on his lower section that gave him the capacity of flight and he could journey into space on his own power allowing him to make the journey between Earth and Gobotron.

A weakness in Zod was a cluster of sensitive circuits on the lower section of his abdomen. Through a precise strike, an enemy was able to paralyse Zod for a time should that region be exposed.



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