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Zoe Graystone is a female television character who features in Battlestar Galactica.



Zoe Graystone was a female human who was the teenage daughter of Daniel and Amanda Graystone. She was a citizen of the Twelve Colonies of Man where she lived on the planet Caprica in its capital of Caprica City with her residing with her parents who were an industrialist and a doctor. She attended the prep school Athena Academy with her best friend Lacy Rand and boyfriend Ben Stark. The latter was responsible for converting Zoe to monotheism that was a fringe belief in the prevailing polytheism of the colonies. By this point, her father had been responsible for inventing Holobands and V-World the latter of which was an immersive virtual-reality system that linked the avatars of participants in an extremely real MMOG environment. Zoe had developed a keen interest in coding avatars and had found a way to imbue a clone of her avatar with an independent consciousness.


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  • Zoe Graystone was created by Remi Aubuchon and Ronald D. Moore whilst the character was portrayed by actress Alessandra Torresani where she featured in the setting of Caprica.
  • Actress Alessandra Toresani was asked on whether the various versions of Zoe were different facets of the same character to which she replied, "I see them as the same blank palette, and they all have different colors to them. The original Zoe will always only be the original Zoe, the avatar will only be the avatar, and so forth. They're all the same basis, but they're all very different, in their own way....The avatar is based on the Zoe original....They're all equally the same. It's hard to play the avatar when I'm in the robot because that's very weird. No one sees me except for my best friend, so it's hard to play that. You can't imagine being in a room and everyone talking about you, but no one knows that you're there when you're actually really there. When does that ever happen in life? So, that's not hard, but it's weird. It's definitely something different that I've never acted before....She is human, though. She has emotions and a personality. She's not just this droid that walks around....The original Zoe is relatable because she's a teenage brat who is fighting for her own voice to be heard. The avatar is not that easily relatable. It's like a newborn child that's discovering things for the first time. And then, the robot is not relatable to anyone. The only way it would be relatable was if you were living this fake, superficial life and inside you feel like a completely different person. I guess that's somewhat relatable, but it's hard to relate to a 15-year-old girl stuck in a robot's body, when no one knows she's there."


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