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The Zoldyck Family is a group that features in Hunter x Hunter.



The Zoldyck Family (ゾルディック家, Zorudikku-ke)

At some point, Chrollo had hired the Zoldyck Family to eliminate the Ten Mafia Dons with Illumi Zoldyck accepting the assignment. At the same time, the Mafia who were unaware of this had hired the Zoldycks who were among the band of assassins gathered at their second auction when a bounty was placed on the Phantom Troupe. This saw Zeno and Silva both attend the gathering where they stated that they intended to act in their own manner rather than cooperate with the other assassins. The pair later discovered Chrollo Lucilfer at the auction building and engaged him where they combined their efforts in order to eliminate him. During the battle, Illumi had completed his assignment which meant that the existing bounty on Chrollo was now void and thus they decided to end their efforts. Instead, they decided to depart as there was no benefit for killing Chrollo who had proved to be a skilled opponent.


The Zoldyck family was considered by and far the most deadly of assassins. The family owns and lives at Kukuroo mountain, a dormant volcano in the Dentora region of the Republic of Padokea[1]. Their estate is surrounded by huge stone walls guarded by a giant dog named Mike and highly skilled attendants. Few people unrelated to the family have any idea what is within the estate. There is lots of mystery surrounding the Zoldyck family; a single photo of any of the members can be sold for millions.

Children in the family are trained from birth in the art of assassination, although each member of the family has the privilege to choose the specialty of their forte and liking as they grow up. For example, the oldest child Illumi seems to be a master of disguise; where as the next oldest, Milluki, was a computer wizard and expert hacker. In every generation, there appears to be a prodigy child whom would be named as their heir. Currently, the heir to the Zoldyck business was Killua though he had stated that he had no desire to inherit his family's occupation.

It was believed that each member of Zoldyck's family begun their training from their date of birth. They possess a unique set of talents: resistance to almost all types of poison[2], the ability to tolerate high amounts of electricity[3], and immense strength (Killua was able to open a 16-ton door before receiving any form of nen training).


Family Members

  • Maha :
  • Zeno :
  • Grandmother :
  • Silva :
  • Kikyō :
  • Illumi :
  • Milluki :
  • Killua :
  • Alluka :
  • Kalluto :

Family Servants

  • Zebro :
  • Canary :
  • Gotoh :



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