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The Zookeeper as a dinosaur in Teen Titans v3 #15.

The Zookeeper is a male comic supervillain who features in DC Comics.



Dr. Samuel Register

He came to learn of the existence of the Green Monkey in remote locations in Africa and sought the creature out as he believed it could bring about universal immunity. Thus, thirteen years ago, he accompanied Mr and Mrs Logan in their grant funded expedition to Upper Lamumba in Africa. He shared a residence with them where they conducted their research though he grew frustrated at the antics of their son Garfield Logan who treated the place as a playground. At some point in this time, the young Garfield was bitten by a Green Monkey infecting him with Sakutia which was lethal. The Logan's used an experimental serum to desperately treat him where he was cured of the disease but came to develop green-skin and the ability to change into the shape of any animal. (Teen Titans v3 #13) Afterwards, Dr. Register continued his study of Sakutia as he sought to replicate the work of the Logans in finding the link between animal and human. (Teen Titans v3 #14)

Afterwards, he came to work at the government's animal research center in Tampa where he came to be discharged for his extreme methods. A few years ago, he was hit by an extensive expose of him in the American Medical Journal. In the aftermath, S.T.A.R. Labs managed to recruit him where they placed him in charge of their abnormal and extraterrestrial disease program. (Teen Titans v3 #14) He took a sample of Sakutia from the C.D.C. where he attempted to change and alter it the way Dr. Logan had managed to do so. This was all part of an effort to create superhuman animal men that could be used as soldiers in the army. However, Register came to be infected himself and gained similar powers as Beast Boy with him becoming a carrier for the disease. (Teen Titans v3 #15)

When the Sakutia infection spread across San Francisco, Doctor Rovin at Saint Luke's hospital contacted Dr. Register at the local S.T.A.R. Labs branch with him volunteering to help treat the disease. (Teen Titans v3 #14) In reality, he wanted to study Garfield Logan who had become human from the recent infection and find a cure for the disease for himself. His plot was discovered by Cyborg with Register battling the Teen Titan's as he revealed his ability to change shape. (Teen Titans v3 #15)


Personality and attributes

As a result of the infection, his skin changed into a purple colour and he used a fake skin mask to hide his true features. (Teen Titans v3 #15) He developed a scandalous reputation with him being called the Zookeeper as a result of his extreme methods at the animal research center. (Teen Titans v3 #14)

Dr. Register was keen in finding the link between animal and human that was stumbled upon by the Logan family as he wanted to use that knowledge to help himself. (Teen Titans v3 #14)

He was insistent on people addressing him as Dr. Register. (Teen Titans v3 #13) Samuel was accused of being a freak and a hypochondriac with such claims angering him as he demanded to be respected. (Teen Titans v3 #14)

Powers and abilities

After being infected by Sakutia, he gained the ability to change his form with him able to adopt the shape of any animal on Earth. This allowed him to take the forms of snakes, mountain lions, mammoths, tyrannosaurus rexes and other such creatures. (Teen Titans v3 #15)

He was a carrier of the Sakutia infection which could spread to others causing them to temporarily gain the ability to change into animals and developed green-skin though would die after prolonged exposure. (Teen Titans v3 #14)


  • Zookeeper was created by Geoff Johns and Tom Grummett where he made his first appearance in Teen Titans v3 #13 (September, 2004).


  • Teen Titans v3:
  • Villains United: Infinite Crisis Special v1

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