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Zor is a male anime character that features in Robotech.



Zor was a make scientist from the world of Trolls who was instrumental in discovering the energy source known as Protoculture from the Invid Flower of Life. With this discovery, he created the Protoculture Matrix that was used to catapult his civilisations advancement leading to them becoming the Robotech Masters.

After his death, his body was brought before the Robotech Masters who managed to create a clone of him that became known as Zor Prime. Through him, they managed to probe the latent memories and discovered the location of the Battlefortress containing the Protoculture Matrix with the Masters setting a course towards Earth.

As the flagship was being recovered, the Robotech Masters arranged for Zor to be sent as a spy among the humans. To that end, they implanted a neurosensor in his brain and caused his Bioroid to crash on the surface. Wounded, he was left behind where he was recovered by GMP officer Nova Satori who captured him and took him to headquarters. Whilst under study, General Rolf Emerson quickly took control over the examination of Zor Prime in the hope of learning more about the Robotech Masters. Meanwhile, Zor was completely unaware that the neurosensor in his brain made him a spy for the Masters.

With the death of the last Master, the danger still remained with the blooming of the Flowers of Life at the ruins of the SDF-1. Zor decided to avert the Flowers blooming by destroying them and preventing the Invid from coming to Earth. He would share a kiss with Dana Sterling before placing her into an escape pod launching her from the ship. Zor Prime then operated a Bioroid that he took to the central core and fired at it destroying it along with killing himself in the process. This caused the Mothership to explode with its fractured remains scattering across the surface of Earth. Despite Zor Prime's sacrifice, his death proved to be in vain as instead of destroying the Flowers of Life he instead spread their spores across the planet. As the Flowers rooted, they would come to attract the attention of the Invid who would later invade Earth bringing about the Third Robotech War.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Zor was a male member of the alien race known as the Robotech Master and had purple hair. His clone Zor Prime shared all the traits of his predecessor.

He came to consider his civilization that had been created by the Robotech Masters as already being dead.

Powers and abilities

He was noted as being a gifted scientist that developed Protoculture and Robotechnology.

In combat, he was noted to be a skilled combatant that piloted the Red Bioroid mecha.


  • The character as Zor Prime was voiced by actor Paul St. Peter.
  • Similar to the other characters in the Robotech series, Zor Prime was adapted from Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross character Seifriet Wei├če who in the original source material was a brainwashed human that had been abducted by the alien Zor.
  • The characters past history was not explored in the series but the non-canon comics Robotech: Genesis showcased some of his backstory. This revealed that he was a scientist and explorer from the planet Tirol who sought new sources of energy. During one expedition, he discovered the primitive Invid and the Flower of Life on the planet Opterra where he entered into a telepathic exchange with the Regess. From this, he learnt to turn the Flower of Life into Protoculture that the Tirolian leaders used to make themselves into the Robotech Masters and create their empire. The devastation caused by them led to Zor suffering from guilt over his discovery and he later sent the Battlefortress containing the Protoculture Matrix on a wild jump to prevent his discovery from being used but was killed during an Invid ambush.
  • In Robotech: The Sentinels, the comics revealed that a character named Rem was actually a clone of Zor.
  • Concept art for the cancelled Robotech Academy series showed an older version of Zor and that a cult-like group of Robotech Masters known as the Children of Zor would have made their debut in the series.


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