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Zouken Matou is a male character who features in TYPE-MOON.



Zouken Matou (Japanese: 間桐 臓硯, English: Matō Zōken)


Personality and attributes

He had a desire to become immortal which drove his quest to attain the holy grail.

Powers and abilities

A key aspect of his magic was his familiars which were Crest Worms (刻印虫, Kokuinchuu?) that became the Magic Crest (魔術刻印, Majutsu Kokuin?) of the Matou family. These were insects and worms who ate magical energy with them able to channel it even if the host was no longer alive. The worms were the only thing that maintained his body that was said to be decaying and rotting as a result.

He primarily used Crest Worms as part of his spells with these coming in a variety of forms which included:

  • Lust Worms :
  • Blood Worms :
  • Blade Wing Worms :

They were able to pass a Crest to someone outside the Matou bloodline and forcibly conferring on them the ability to conduct Magecraft. They were not able to expand the natural Magic Circuits of a person. However, they were able to operate as a kind of artificial Circuit following a period of incubation but lacked a direct influence over the person. Upon awakening by the activated Magic Circuits, they began to continuously produce magical energy in order to sustain themselves. They could even impart Magecraft on a person lacking such a talent with them able to use their Magic Circuits through intensive training.


  • Zouken Matou was created by Type-Moon where he featured in the setting of the Nasuverse.

In other media

Video games


  • Fate/Zero:
  • Fate/Heaven's Feel:

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