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(This is a fanfiction that covers: What if Gozer the Gozerian transformed Zuul and Vinz Clortho into their Terror Dog forms and had killed the Ghostbusters?)

Zuul and Vinz Clortho finally met in Dana Barrett's destroyed apartment. They then passionatly made out until they both heard the voice of a young woman telling them that their time has come, over and over again. Both demons smiled at each other and whispered, "It's time..." They kissed once more before walking up the stairs to the gates of the Temple of Gozer. On the walk up, Vinz kept staring at Zuul, admiring her. However, she barely noticed. She was fixated on her destiny. When they finally got to the temple, the couple saw a stone table and two pedestals. They then heard the voice again, telling them, "You know what you must do." The demons made out once more, lied down on the stone table, and proceeded to have demonic sex until they passed out, exhausted. The voice came to them once more, giving them instructions as they slept. Once it was finally over, Zuul woke up first. She sat up and surveyed the temple, noticing that the gates were now open, revealing a door, two more pedestals and a staircase. Vinz Clortho then woke up and noticed the temple as well. The demons then slithered off of the table and walked towards their respected pedestals next to it. Their master, Gozer, then manifested through the door inside the temple. It had the appearance of a young, naked woman who was covered in bubbly, oozing ectoplasm. Both demons grinned ferociously, slightly purring out of excitement, and greeted Gozer, "Master..." Gozer then, without replying, contorted her arms back and threw them foward, with bolts of lightning shooting out of each hand, which struck Zuul and Vinz. They were shocked at first, until they began to succumb to the lightning. They thrashed wildly atop their pedestals and their bones glowed. After a few seconds, Zuul and Vinz began to growl and snarl like feral animals as they lowered their arms down to their pedestals, getting on all fours. They then thrashed their heads back as a large monsoon of lightning consumed them. Gozer then brought her arms to her sides. When the smoke cleared, Zuul and Vinz Clortho were no longer humans. They were demonic dogs. They both looked very similar in appearance, with red eyes, tails, lion-sized monstrous gray bodies with four feet, sharp teeth, and elongated snouts. Zuul and Vinz drooled and barked and growled ferociously, which revealed sharp, serrated teeth. They both sensed their master and started wagging their tails and purring. Vinz Clortho leaped off of his pedestal up the stairs to the pedestal next to Gozer. Zuul then followed him up and lied down on her respected pedestal. Gozer then affectionately pet both of them as they rolled their eyes and relaxed. After gloating in their victory, a familiar looking set of four men ran up to the temple. Gozer and the dogs assumed that they were fellow gods like themselves, to which one of them replied "No." Gozer was angered by this and used her fingers to shoot demonic lightning at them, throwing them off of the side of the building. After they hit the ground, Gozer pet the dogs again and told them that the world was now theirs and that nothing could stop them now. Months passed, and the world was now at the mercy of Gozer. In the end, Zuul and Vinz Clortho never reverted back into humans. They stayed as the loyal, obedient pets of Gozer the Gozerian forever.



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