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(This is a fan fiction that covers: What if Vinz Clortho met Zuul in Dana's apartment before it was demolished?)

Vinz Clortho, in Louis' body, walked up to the door of Dana Barrett's apartment and knocked on the door. When it opened, Zuul, in Dana's body, stood in an orange dress, seductively staring at Vinz. She asked, "Are you the Keymaster?", to which Vinz replied, "Yes. Are you the Gatekeeper?" Without replying, Zuul smiled, leaned in, and ferociously kissed Vinz. When she stopped, both demons grinned, their eyes glowing blood-red. Then, Zuul and Vinz walked into Dana's room, pounced on her bed and proceeded to have demonic sex until they fell asleep.

They finally woke up to the sound of an explosion and rubble hitting the floor. When they sat up, they saw a hole in the wall with a staircase on the other side of it. They both got up and slowly walked up to it. It led to the roof of the building. When Zuul and Vinz got to the top, they saw two pedestals facing two temple doors. They stood on them and raised their arms up to the sky. They then let out deafening, monstrous roars as they dropped on all fours and their bodies began to change. Zuul and Vinz slowly morphed into dog-like monsters as the temple doors slowly opened.

Gozer the Gozerian, their master, stood at the top of the temple, watching them transform as she purred demonically with glee. With their transformation complete, Zuul and Vinz barked, snarled, and wagged their tails as they got used to their new bodies. They then pounced up to the top of the temple next to their master on two other pedestals, where they would sit and be her obedient pets for all eternity.



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