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Zygon is a male villain that features in Starchaser: The Legend of Orin.



Nexus or as Nessus was a mechanical entity who approximately 12,000 years ago sought the destruction of mankind but was defeated by a single member of the Kakann. After this event, he remained in hiding and attempted to rebuild his armies in order to conquer known space once more. At some point, Nexus came to the world of Trinia where he established a mining operation on the world for Rubidimite crystals and became the Commissioner of Trade for the planet. He took on the name of Zygon at the time and created a fortress on the world for countless centuries with his rule established by his robotic military. The native Humans were driven underground and lived the life of slaves where they were forced by the robotic Mine Masters to harvest the crystals that lay beneath the surface. The civilization lived for so long in these conditions that they had forgotten their origins and were given a religion which stated that the surface was hell and only Zygon, who was deified to the Human slaves, allowed them to live. This form of existence continued for generations with the Humans mining the crystals in exchange for food. Many died from cave ins or from the laser lashes of their robotic overlords in order to further Zygon's plans for the future.

However, one day events began to change when two slaves known as Orin and Elan escaped in the crystal harvester which entered into Zygon's refinery complex. Once there, Zygon's forces caught them and Zygon revealed that he was a man beneath the mask which he portrayed as a god to the Human slaves. He then stated that no one had discovered this secret for thousands of years and that their lives were now over after which he strangled Elan to death. Zygon then turned his attention to Orin only to discover the bladeless sword at his waist. He took the hilt and was ready to kill the Human when he struggled free. In the commotion, one of the robotic guards fired which accidently hit a pile of crystals which exploded knocking Zygon out. When he came to, he was being assisted by some of his robotic guards but told them to deal with the boy who attempted to escape from a tunnel that was formed by the explosion. As the robots tried to follow Orin, a cave in occured which seemingly killed everyone that entered it. An amused Zygon believed that it was fitting that a Human of Trinia died in a cave in as his people often die underground in such conditions.


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  • Zygon was voiced by actor Anthony De Longis.


  • Starchaser: The Legend of Orin:

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