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[[Category:Darkman|Black, Eddie]]
[[Category:Darkman|Black, Eddie]]
[[Category:Gangsters|Black, Eddie]]
[[Category:Gangsters|Black, Eddie]]
[[Category:Ferguson, Jessie Lawrence|Black, Eddie]]
[[Category:Jessie Lawrence Ferguson|Black, Eddie]]

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Eddie Black.

Eddie Black was a powerful rival of Robert G. Durant, who controlled the riverfront section of the city. Durant got rid of Black by coming to a meeting with him in one of Black's warehouses. Even though Black had dozens of bodyguards, and frisked Durant and his gang before they came in and took away their weapons, he didn't suspect that Durant's henchman Skip had a gun concealed in his artificial leg. A firefight resulted which saw the deaths of all of Black's gang members. Durant then used his cigar cutter to cut off Black's fingers (although it is unknown if he actually killed Black).

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