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Éléonore Saiga is a female anime and manga character who features in Karakuri Circus.



Éléonore Saiga (Japanese: 才賀 エレオノール, Hepburn: Saiga Ereonōru) was a white haired female human who was the daughter of Shoji Saiga and his wife Angelina Bernouille. Her parents had fallen in love where the pair both came to possess the Aqua Vitae allowing them to live long lives together. In that time, Angelina became pregnant with the two deciding to move to Kuroga Village where she was to give birth to her child there. Whilst her mother was pregnant, a young Guy Christoph had come to forcibly claim the Soft Stone within her body on behalf of the Shirogane. Such an act would have killed the baby leading to a battle between the pair with Christoph being badly injured. Despite that, Angelina decided to care for him and allow him to recover where she eventually came to give birth to her daughter who was named Éléonore. By this point, the village was visited by the doll Francine who was the head of the Midnight Circus.

At the manor, she was raised at the headquarters of the Shirogane that was located in the north-west region of France. Since her early childhood, she had the memory of being taught to manipulate puppets where three older female Shirogane were her instructors. They were responsible for caring for her, feeding her, dressing her and teaching her the arts of puppetry. The Shirogane told her to forget her true name and all human feelings and emotions as she was just a puppet that needed to learn the art of mastering the manipulation of other puppets.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Éléonore was a young slender woman with a pale skin, silver hair and silver eyes. She came to be known as Shirogane Saiga (才賀 しろがね, Saiga Shirogane) after being inducted into the ranks of the Shirogane.

Since childhood, she had lived the harsh life of being a Shirogane and fighting automata. Instead of playing with toys, she instead underwent training and eventually was sent into the field to fight the Shirogane's enemies. As such, her memories showed that she had no happy moments in those years. At first, this made her seem as a cold person but towards those she cared for she was shown as being delicate and had empathy. This changed through when she met Masaru and Narumi with this short time making her happy.

After being adopted by her father, Sadayoshi Saiga effectively became her adoptive older brother with his son Masaru Saiga being her nephew.

Her maternal grandmother was Lucille Bernouille though she seemingly was not aware of their heritage.

Powers and abilities

As a Shirogane, she contained all the traits of those enhanced race of humans.

Shoji Saiga later provided her a suitcase for her to use a puppet in combat with this being Harlequin (あるるかん, Arurukan).

Her body contained the Soft Stone that slowed the aging process where she only aged a fifth of her actual age. As such, she appeared to be a young woman when in reality she was around 90 years old by the modern day.


  • Éléonore Saiga was created by Kazuhiro Fujita where she featured in the setting of Karakuri Circus.


  • Karakuri Circus:

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