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Dated Events

  • Real World: February 26. The so-called "Castellammarese War" between rival factions of the Italian-American mafia begins with the assassination of Gaetano Reina on the orders of Joe "The Boss" Masseria.
  • Real World: March 5. Einar Wegener, a Danish painter, undergoes a sex-change operation and takes the new name Lili Elbe.
  • Real World: March 6. The first frozen foods, invented by Clarence Birdseye, go on sale in Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • Real World: March 12. Mohandas Gandhi begins a march towards the sea with 78 followers- the Salt March, as this becomes known, is intended to protest the British monopoly on salt.
  • Real World: March 28. Constantinople changes its name to Istanbul, and Angora changes its name to Ankara.
  • Real World: March 31. The Motion Pictures Production Code, which puts restrictions on potentially objectionable content in films, is instituted.
  • Real World: April 5. At the end of the Salt March, Gandhi breaks British law by going to the sea and making salt.
  • Real World: June 17. The "Bonus Army"- about a thousand veterans of World War I- assembles in Washington, DC as the Senate considers a veterans' benefits bill.
  • Real World: October 5. Airship R101 crashes in France on its maiden voyage, intended to take it from Britain to India.
  • Real World: December 2. President Herbert Hoover goes before Congress to request a $150 million public-works program, intended to generate jobs and stimulate economic recovery.

Undated Events

New Fictional Works

Notable Books

The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett.

Notable Films

Just Imagine, The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu, Tom Sawyer.

Notable Radio Programs

First broadcast of The Shadow.

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