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90th Century BC

  • Lord of the Rings: c. 8912 BC (II 1590). In Eregion, the smiths complete the first three Rings of Power. These Rings, created for the elves, are followed during the next ten years by seven rings for the dwarves and nine rings for Men. (The Return of the King)

89th Century BC

  • Lord of the Rings: c. 8803 BC (II 1699). Eriador is finally overrun by Sauron. (The Return of the King)
  • Lord of the Rings: c. 8801 BC (II 1701). Sauron is driven from Eriador, ushering in a long era of peace in the Westlands. (The Return of the King)

88th Century BC

84th Century BC

83rd Century BC

82nd Century BC

81st Century BC

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