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Lisa Addison was the sister of Matt Addison. Formerly married to Nick Broward, Lisa and Nick divorced after the death of Nick's mother. Following the death of a family friend as a result of the Umbrella Corporation's negligence, Lisa, in order to help her brother bring the corporation down, went to work at the Hive, using her married name.

She acted as go-between for her brother and his contact, Alice. Lisa planned to obtain a sample of the T-Virus from Alice to give to Matt, with which they would expose Umbrella's illegal viral research.

Unfortunately the outbreak of the virus within the Hive ruined their plans, and after being infected Lisa and all of her co-workers were trapped and put to death by the Red Queen. Later, Lisa came back to life as a zombie, reanimated by the T-Virus, and attempted to kill her brother. Matt was saved when Alice killed Lisa for good by bashing her head in with a paperweight.


  • Resident Evil
  • Resident Evil: Genesis
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