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Matt Addison was an environmental activist living in Raccoon City, who sought to expose the evils of the Umbrella Corporation. His sister, Lisa, assisted him by getting a job as an office worker in the secret laboratory known as the Hive. When all contact with Lisa and the Hive was lost, a worried Matt, posing as a plainclothes detective with the RPD, went to the isolated mansion that served as a "backdoor" to the Hive. He was quickly captured by One and his commando team. Matt spent much of the ensuing adventure in handcuffs as he accompanied the commandoes, Alice, and Spence Parks deep into the Hive, where they faced zombies and other products of the T-Virus.

During an attack by zombies Matt managed to pick his handcuffs and escape. He went looking for Lisa, and found her in her office. Unfortunately, due to infection by the T-Virus, she had turned into a zombie. She attempted to kill her brother, but Matt was saved by the timely arrival of Alice who clobbered Lisa with a paperweight. Matt then told Alice the whole story about his and Lisa's efforts to expose the Umbrella Corporation. He later accompanied her through the utility tunnels along with Spence and remaining commandoes Chad Kaplan and Rain Ocampo. Following the death of Spence everyone got aboard leading from the Hive to the mansion entrance. They brought with them the case containing samples of the virus and the anti-virus that Spence had tried to steal, so Matt could use it as evidence against Umbrella.

During the train ride, the Licker attacked, killing Kaplan, and Rain, already infected with the T-Virus, turned into a zombie despite being given the antidote. Matt shot her in the head, and was then injured when the claws of the Licker punctured the hull of the train car and slashed his arm. Although Alice killed the monster, by the time she and Matt got to the mansion, Matt began convulsing. He was infected with the T-Virus from the Licker's scratch. Alice attempted to administer the anti-virus, but was stopped when several Umbrella agents and scientists in cleansuits burst into the room and took both of them prisoner. Head scientist Dr. Isaacs, noting some tentacles beginning to grow from the wounds in Matt's arm, announced that he wanted him in the Nemesis Program.

Matt was carted away to a secret laboratory at the Raccoon Hospital, where he was experimented on by Isaacs and ultimately transformed into the unstoppable killing machine known as Nemesis.


  • Resident Evil
  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  • Resident Evil: Genesis
  • Resident Evil: Apoclaypse (novelization)
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