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The T-Virus (short for Tyrant Virus) is a mutagenic viral strain developed by the Umbrella Corporation, for use in their bioweapons experiments. It was created by James Marcus when he combined the Progenitor Virus with DNA from leeches. An extremely degenerative disease, the T-Virus at its most basic level causes both physical and mental deterioration in human beings and some animals such as dogs (MA-39 Cerberus) and sharks (FI-3 Neptune). This ultimately causes them to become mindless, flesh-eating zombies (although a double dose of the T-Virus results in a human zombie transforming into a Licker).

The reaction is different in some animals such as spiders (Webspinner and Black Tiger), scorpions (Sasori Stinger), and snakes (the Yawn), causing them to simply mutate into larger versions of themselves, although they still exhibit some physical degeneration. The T-Virus can also be used in gene-splicing experiments to create entirely new, laboratory-bred organisms like Hunters, Chimeras, and Tyrants (the latter being the virus' namesake).

There are cures for the T-Virus, but only in its early stages. These include a vaccine developed in the same lab that developed the Hunters Gamma and Hunters Beta beneath the Raccoon Hospital, and the Daylight formula created at the Raccoon University by Peter Jenkins and Greg Muller.



There were a number of variations of the virus that included:

  • T-Veronica :
  • T-Abyss :
  • T-Phobos :


In other media


  • In Resident Evil, the T-Virus appeared in the live-action film where it was was a highly mutagenic virus developed by Charles Ashford for Umbrella. The Virus's original purpose was the restoration of dead cells. His intention was to use it for medical purposes, such as restoring mobility to his daughter, but Umbrella took it for use as a bioweapon. They discovered it could both reanimate the dead (creating human and dog zombies) as well as mutate living tissue (creating Lickers and Nemesis). There is a cure for the T-Virus, but it is only for early stages of infection. Once the infected individual goes untreated for a certain amount of time, he or she will regress into a zombie regardless of whether they're given the anti-virus or not.


  • Resident Evil 2:


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