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Adeline Wilson is a female character that features in DC Comics.




Adeline Kane

She eventually managed to enlist in the United States Army where she a highly skilled soldier who reached the rank of captain. Captain Kane was then placed in charge of a special training exercise at Camp Washington to put recruits through a rigorous training regimen in order to make them an elite fighting force. The program saw half the candidates wash out within the first three weeks though those that remained were the best soldiers in the military. Among the recruits was Slade Wilson who was outfought constantly by Adeline as she taught him to be a superior fighter. During their time together, the pair fell in love and after he graduated from the training program they got married before the end of the year. Adeline then became pregnant with their child though Slade had to be deployed to fight in a war. Afterwards, he volunteered for an experiment by the army that was looking for recruits to test a new serum based on an A.C.T.H. derivative that enhanced existing physical traits. Upon taking it, Slade suffered an extreme reaction causing him to have to be restrained and being placed in army custody who classified the entire incident as he was in a coma-like state near death. Adeline and Wintergreen fought through red tape for months in order to see him with them finally doing so as he came to recoverin the following weeks. Slade was then released where he was returned home and underwent recovery with Adeline becoming pregnant again with their second son Joseph. (Deathstroke the Terminator v1 #1)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

After exposure to the Speed Force, Slade had a change of heart and sought to become a hero with Adeline agreeing to help him. She founded the top-secret Project Defiance that was to consist of a superhero team with Deathstroke as the team leader whilst Adeline managed operations who had obtained funding for it. However, she had created it for her son Jericho to head but Slade had commandeered the pilot program for his efforts. (Deathstroke v4 #21)


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  • Adeline Wilson was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez where she made her first appearance in New Teen Titans v1 #34 (August, 1983).


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