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The Adurists were a group of Humans that featured in the movie The Devil's Tomb.

They were an ancient sect and order of humans that were aware of true nature of the world namely the casting of the Nephilim from Heaven by the hand of God. These beings were frozen in blocks of ice and emtombed at various locations around the world so that their evil could never be awakened once more with the intention of saving humanity from their corrupting influence. From that moment on, the Adurists were formed who sought to end the evil of the Nephilim once and for all. They had a single purpose in their mission namely to find the Fallen Angels and to exorcise their evil. The process involved sacrificing themselves in order to absorb the Nephilim's spirit.

A group of Adurists became aware of the existence of the Gehenna Project held by Wesley Cardell who had discovered a temple tomb for a Nephilim during their search for Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East. They later brought in scientists to examine the find which they initially believed was an alien. As time went on, the presence of the Nephilim led to a number of possessions amongst the scientific population who began to do the Fallen Angel's bidding. At some point, the Adurists struck and attempted to exorcise the Nephilim's spirit but they were killed in the process. The remaining scientists attempted to contain the Nephilim by absorbing its essence as well but this simply led to a number of possessions amongst their number.

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