Gehenna Project (The Devil's Tomb)

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The Gehenna Project is a scientific mission that featured in The Devil's Tomb.


It involved Doctor Wesley Cardell who along with a team of scientists were sent to the Middle East in order to find Weapons of Mass Destruction. Their expedition, however, uncovered an abandoned temple tomb underground that contained the frozen remains of an unknown being. Initially, it was believed that the creature was an alien and a facility was established to study the unknown being. However, this creature was not an alien but rather a Fallen Angel from Heaven - a Nephilim. These insidious beings had a corruptive influence on Mankind and led to God imprisoning them within frozen tombs scattered across the Earth so that their evil would never afflict humans again. During their study, the scientists of the Gehenna Project witnessed a group called the Adurists attempted to exorcise the evil by absorbing the creatures spirit into themselves. This led to the spread of the Nephilim's mind into various possessed hosts which killed the non-possessed in the temple and facility. At some point, Wesley Cardell was taken possessed by the Nephilim though he lacked the obvious apparent signs of such possession.

Later, a team of soldiers led by Mac and summoned by Elisa Cardell were sent in though they were not aware of the threat within the area. There, they became aware of the existence of the Nephilim as well as the supernatural threat they were now facing. As time went on, numerous members of the military team were killed leaving only a few survivors. They managed to activate the self destruct sequence in the facility which destroyed it and allow Mac, Elisa and a few survivors to escape. However, they encountered Wesley along with a few remaining possessed who killed a number of survivors until Mac ignited an explosive barrel that killed a number of possessed humans and burnt Wesley. This allowed Elisa to stand over her father and commence a rite to set his soul free after which she departed as she had completed her mission. Mac was the only apparent survivor of the incident and he became a new type of soldier for a ancient war as there were other Nephilim scattered around the world waiting to be freed.

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