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Agent L is a female film character who features in Men in Black.



Laurel Weaver

After police officer James Darrell Edwards III was finished being interrogated by his two disbelieving superiors about chasing an fugitive who, before committing suicide, "blinked two sets of eyelids", the beautiful dark-haired deputy medical examiner Dr. Laurel Weaver (Linda Fiorentino) visits Edwards in the interrogation room and introduces herself, telling him that she believes him. She then tells Edwards to meet her at the morgue where she can show him the proof, before leaving quickly, much to Edwards's confusion. Right outside the interrogation room, Agent K approaches Laurel and, after confirming her identity, neuralyzes her. He then leaves her in a hypnotic state, which she quickly comes out of, looks around disorientedly, and walks off, with no memory of her encounter with Edwards or her findings at the morgue. A few days later, a police officer takes three bodies to the morgue along with a cat, which he leaves in Laurel's care as a prank. Laurel's cynicism is quickly revealed when she states, "I hate the living." Later, while she is alone, Laurel is examining two of the corpses, finding various oddities with them, leading her to conclude that they are not human. Laurel is then recording her observations into a tape recorder, which include that one of the corpses was 112 degrees at the time of the autopsy, which indicated an increase in body temperature. She also notes that the corpse had no rectum. Agents K and J then arrive and interrupt her. The two agents pose as public health inspectors Dr. Leo Manville (Agent K) and Dr. White (Agent J), and they ask her is she has had anything "unusual" in the morgue. Laurel precedes to tell them about the triple homicide, noting that the first corpse that she examined "was pretty normal, except he was broken in half . . ." She then shows them one of the other two corpses, explaining that "There's a skeletal at work here unlike anything [she's] ever seen before." While K stays to examine that corpse, Laurel takes J to the other one, which she claims is "even stranger." She tells J, "I did a full laparotomy. I started with the lesser curvature of the stomach, but we can start with gastroesophageal junction, whichever you prefer." J, having no actual medical knowledge, suggest that they simply start from where she started. She then tells J, as they prepare to examine the corpse, "Okay, dive right in. I'm sure he won't mind." Romantic chemistry is revealed between the two when Laurel tells J that he has "really pretty eyes." J, now smitten with her, does not pay attention to the corpse. When Laurel asks him, "Notice anything strange, stomach, liver, lungs?", J replies that they are "all fine." This causes an astonished Laurel to point out that all those organs are missing. J creates an excuse, claiming that wherever the organs are, they are intact. However, as he is doing this, Laurel stares intensely at J and is no longer paying attention to his blunder. She then asks J if they have met before. She explains that she is having déjà vu, which J also has, as the two have met before, when he was still James Darrell Edwards III. Laurel then tells J what she really thinks about the body, telling him not to tell Agent K, as "He looks like he's under enough stress." She then explains, "See, I don't think this body is really a body. I think it's some kind of transport unit for something else all together. The question is, what?" She then asks J, "Is this freaking you out?", something which he denies very quickly. She then seductively asks J, "You know what I like to do sometimes when it's really late?" Just as she is about to tell him, K calls J over. Very much in love with her, J tells K that she is "[v]ery interesting. She got a real queen of the undead thing going" and that she has a "[g]reat body." Laurel then calls J over, as she has noticed a strange stitching on the corpse's ear. When J touches it, the corpse's face opens up, revealing inside the dying Arquillian prince, who, with the help of J and Laurel, tells them that to prevent war, the galaxy is on Orion's belt. When J calls K "Dr. Whatever" to come see the corpse, Laurel quickly realizes that the two are not public health inspectors. She then realizes that the Arquillian was an alien and that they are from an agency "to keep it under wraps." K and J ignore what she is saying as K prepares to neuralyze her. Laurel starts saying excitedly, "This makes total sense. How else do you explain New York? The other day, I was in this cab, and this guy -" but is then neuralyzed by K, leaving her in a hypnotic state. As Laurel comes out of it, J is upset that she has already been neuralyzed. Laurel comes out of the hypnotic state a few moments later, and is disoriented, having no recollection of what has just happened, as her memory has been erased, and demands the two for identification. K quickly responds by neuralyzing her again, once again putting her in a hypnotic state. J is even more upset, believing that the neuralyzer would give Laurel brain cancer, to which K replies that it "[n]ever hurt her before." He then reveals that he has neuralyzed her a "couple" of times. When J asks him if he is worried about any long term effects that the neuralyzer could have on her, K replies that he is only a "little" worried. As they leave the morgue, K tells other MIB agents that Laurel "needs a new memory." After receiving a disapproving look from J, K tells the agents to "[m]ake it a happy memory." A while later, at the morgue, Laurel, who has been completely neuralyzed by MIB agents and has no memory of her findings or the agents as well as all evidence of the corpses being removed, is looking at the cat, seeing that its name is Orion. She then sees the galaxy on Orion's belt and is enthralled when she looks into it, seeing all kinds of stars and planets inside it. As K and J arrive at the morgue to fetch the galaxy, J demands that he handle it, as he does not want K to "lay [his] Jack Webb on her" and neuralyze Laurel again, claiming that she will get leukemia. He then adds, "Woman's a doctor. She don't need you flashing away half her med school classes." Meanwhile, inside the morgue, Edgar (Vincent D'Onofrio and threatens Laurel by pushing her around and dragging her, demanding where the cat is, with Laurel insisting that she does not know. J's arrival interrupts them. Edgar quickly hides under a table, grabbing Laurel's leg. When J rings the bell at the morgue's entrance and nobody answers, he walks into the morgue to find Laurel standing by herself.

J, finally realizing that Edgar was under the table takes out his gun, but suddenly, the cat jumps onto the table, and Edgar grabs him and grabs Laurel's throat while holding her at gunpoint. K enters, and both he and J point their guns at him. Edgar interrupts them, telling them to be quiet. K demands that Edgar let Laurel go. Edgar proclaims his race's superiority, while keeping an even tighter hold on a frightened Laurel. J then tells Laurel, "It's okay, Laurel." She replies, "How is it okay?" He answers, "I'm saying it's going to be okay." Edgar then tells them to not "bet on it", before breaking through a glass window with a screaming Laurel still in his arms. Edgar, with Laurel, walks onto the street with Laurel screaming to be released. Edgar quickly intercepts a taxi, kicks the taxi driver out, and shoves Laurel into the driver's seat. He then demands to be taken to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, but Laurel refuses. Laurel then sees slugs coming out of Edgar's mouth. Horrified, she quickly does as he says when he repeats his order. The two arrive at the park later that night, and Edgar decides to take Laurel with him for "a snack" as he climbs the observational towers, which carry spaceships, much to Laurel's horror. As Edgar is climbing up the tower with Laurel, a disheveled Laurel tells Edgar, "You don't want to eat me. I'm a very important person on my planet. Like a queen! A goddess, even. There are those who worship me. I'm not telling you this to try to impress you. I'm just letting you know it could start a war!" Edgar replies, "Good, war. That means more food for my family. All 78,000,000 of them. That's a lot of mouths to feed, your highness." Laurel then says, "You're a wonderful dad, but I'm staying here!" She then hits Edgar, who throws her off him, causing her to scream. Fortunately for her, she falls into a tree, which breaks her fall. Laurel is still in the tree when she sees the spaceship take off. She then witnesses K and J arriving and shooting the spaceship down. She also sees them demanding the galaxy from Edgar who turns into his bug form, take the agents' weapons, and eat K. She sees J try stopping him from getting on the second ship before falling off her tree, screaming, and landing on the ground. Laurel crawls behind a nearby bush. She continues seeing J fight Edgar. She then sees, watching in terror, J stepping on bugs to provoke Edgar. K then blows Edgar open from the inside with his gun. When the wounded Edgar tries attacking them, but is destroyed. It is revealed that Laurel killed him, using J's gun. "Interesting job you guys have," she notes. Back at the entrance of MIB headquarters, it is revealed that J and K have taken Laurel with them, and she is standing by their car. In a conversation between K and J, it is revealed that Laurel has already been neuralyzed and has no memory of the events that happened. When K takes out the neuralyzer, J believes that he is going to neuralyze her again and tells him, "Who she gonna tell? She hang out with all dead people." K reveals that the neuralyzer is not for her, but for him. Laurel, who is disheveled in appearance, interrupts their conversation, telling them, "Hey, guys. My apartment isn't anywhere near here. It's not even in the same island." Some time later, as J gets hot dogs and reads the headlines of various tabloids, one of them has a sub-headline reading, "Mortician finds little green man in' corpse's head," referencing the earlier incident that happened with Laurel at the morgue. It is then revealed that Laurel has become J's new partner, Agent L, who now is wearing a similar black suit to J's and has short-cropped hair and is leaning against the hood of their car. She says to J, "Hey, J. Zed called. The High Consulate from Solaxiant Nine for the Knicks-Bulls game." J replies, "All right. Let's put in a call to Dennis Rodman, he's from that planet." He gives her her hot dog. She says, astonished, "Rodman? You're kidding." After J replies, "Nope," the two prepare to get into the car, with L noting about Rodman, "Not much of a disguise." The two then get into the car, with L riding shotgun, and they drive off.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Agent L was portrayed by actor Linda Fiorentino.

In other media


  • In Men in Black: The Series, Agent L appeared in the animated television series where she was voiced for the first two seasons by actor Jennifer Lien and later by actor Jennifer Martin.


  • Men in Black: (1997)

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