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Aiks is a character who features in Chronos Ruler.



Aiks (アイクス, Aikusu) was a Horologue who preyed on humanity and consumed their time. After eating the time of numerous humans, the Hororlogue began to absorb aspects of their personality until it formed an ego. In time, it eventually took on the form of a human and developed sentience with it taking the name of Aiks. Around 12 years ago, Aiks was lured to Victor Putin after he felt guilt over the death of his wife. During this encounter, Aiks ate several portions of Victor's time and damaged him in the chest.


Personality and attributes

Similar to other Horologues, Aiks was originally just a predatory feral being that preyed on humans. After consuming thousands of years of time, he eventually began to develop a sentience and ego where he formed human-like intelligence. Despite this being the case, he confessed that he could not understand human emotions or their thought processes. Thus, he was often curious and tried many experiments in attempting to understand them.

Powers and abilities

As a Horologues, Aiks had a number of superhuman abilities that were beyond that of an ordinary human being.


  • Aiks was created by Jea Pon where he appeared in the setting of Chronos Ruler.


  • Chronos Ruler:

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