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Aleksander Lukin is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Aleksander Lukin

He was said to had been born during a time of great wars and high ideals with him envisioning a world of a 'workers paradise'. During this time, he met a young blonde haired woman named Alexa who did not share the vision but felt that Aleksander was sincere, deeply felt and revolutionary. This led to the pair falling in love with one another and their eventual marriage with her taking the name of Alexa Lukin. (Captain America v9 #6)

His wife Alexa became a widow as a result and she sought out her old magical teacher Mister Rasputin where she petitioned for his aid in bringing back her husband stating that he was important to change the course of history. Rasputin refused but he offered Alexa the means to accomplish her goal by first suggesting her to seek out the powerful Mutant known as Selene. (Captain America v9 #6) In the aftermath of Secret Empire, Alexa began to operate in the background where she sought to take control of the United States by using discontent and anger from people that fought against Hydra during their takeover of the government. (Captain America v9 #4) Through her efforts, she along with Selene were successful in resurrecting Aleksander Lukin though a part of the Red Skull still remained within him. (Captain America v9 #5)


Personality and attributes

At some point, he met and later got married with his wife taking the name of Alexa Lukin. (Captain America v9 #4)

Powers and abilities


  • Aleksander Lukin was created by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting where he made his first appearance in Captain America v5 #1 (January, 2005).

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