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Alexei Stukov is a male video game character who features in Starcraft.



Alexei Stukov

Upon arriving in the Sector, he was charged with the blockade of the small icy world of Braxis when the Protoss visited, for reasons unknown to him. Stukov used a large number of Missile Turrets powered by fusion reactors and defended by a number of United Earth Directorate troops. The Protoss fleet could not leave the world as long as the Missile Turrets could shoot down their vessels. The Protoss were able to penetrate the blockade by destroying the fusion reactors, and eventually Stukov had to give up the chase. Afterwards, he made contact with Samir Duran, who was on the surface of Braxis. Duran offered an alliance with the UED in return for assisting the UED invasion of Braxis. Stukov was initially suspicious of Duran's motives, but became more accepting of him when Duran was able to warn Stukov and Admiral DuGalle of an impending Terran Dominion counterattack at Dylar IV. When the UED fleet travelled to Tarsonis to search for the Psi Disruptor, they were successful. Stukov wanted to use the Disruptor as an anti-Zerg weapon, but Duran convinced Admiral DuGalle that it was too dangerous to leave it in one piece. As a result, DuGalle ordered Duran to destroy the Psi Disruptor on Tarsonis but Stukov, believing the Psi Disruptor to be of great importance to their cause, sent in his own Ghosts, who told Duran that they would take care of the Psi Disruptor themselves. Stukov disassembled it and transported it to Braxis to keep it hidden from Duran and DuGalle. When the UED force pursued James Raynor and Arcturus Mengsk to Aiur, DuGalle split his forces into three or four sections. One directly attacked Raynor and Mengsk, while Stukov and Duran's forces were tasked with preventing more Zerg from entering the combat arena. However, a huge flood of Zerg attacked just as Raynor and Mengsk were escaping. Stukov tried to warn DuGalle, but Duran claimed that there must have been a problem with Stukov's equipment. Instead, Duran moved away from his assigned area, allowing the Zerg swarm to overrun the UED forces and prevent them from capturing Mengsk. It was then that Stukov realized the extent of the unholy alliance that had been formed against the UED. Not only were the Protoss aiding Mengsk, but the Zerg as well. Fearing the worst, Stukov withdrew to Braxis, where he activated the Psi Disruptor.

DuGalle was bewildered by this chain of events. He was unable to comprehend why Stukov had activated the Psi Disrupter that he believed had been destroyed, and on Duran's goading, ordered Stukov to be executed for treason against the UED, a task Duran gladly accepted. Stukov's personal forces resisted the UED, but eventually Duran located Stukov, shot him and promptly vanished. With his dying breath, Stukov told Admiral DuGalle that Duran had been manipulating him from the beginning, was almost certainly infested by the Zerg and may have been for a long time. Stukov's last words were punctuated when the outer walls of the Psi Disruptor were breached and Duran activated the Disrupter's self-destruct sequence. At DuGalle's request the remainder of Stukov's personal forces assisted the UED forces in their efforts to save the Psi Disruptor before it exploded. The UED was successful and after leaving behind a small garrison force departed for Char to enslave the Zerg Overmind. According to the ending video of Episode V, Stukov was given a memorial service in space near Char. It should be noted however that the video was a propaganda piece - it claimed Stukov was killed fighting the Zerg on Char, which was definitely untrue. DuGalle took Stukov's death personally, especially because Stukov was the one who originally argued that Duran was untrustworthy. Kerrigan taunted Admiral DuGalle on Char, claiming that Stukov was "twice the man DuGalle was". In his last transmission to his wife, DuGalle takes personal responsibility for Stukov's death.


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  • Alexei Stukov was created by Blizzard Entertainment where he was voiced by actor Castulo Guerra in Starcraft: Brood War
  • The character was voiced by actor Victor Brandt in Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

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Video games

  • In Heroes of the Storm, Alexei Stukov appeared as a playable character in the setting of the MOBA video game.


  • Starcraft: Brood War:
  • Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm:
  • Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void:
  • Heroes of the Storm:

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