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Alucard is a character that features in Hellsing.



Alucard was noted as being born in the winter of 1431 where he was known as Vlad III Dracula who was the son of Vlad II Dracul. He was captured by the Ottoman Empire as a child whereupon he was sodomized by an unknown high ruler. Upon his escape, he lived the life as Voivode of Wallachia with his viciousness in battle later leading him to be known as Vlad Tepes or Vlad the Impaler and as Kazikli Voyvoda by the Turks which meant the Impaling Prince. He launched an all out war against the Turks which devastated both sides. But in time his troops were defeated and his people killed with some being at his own hands as his homeworld was set abalze. His reign to an end upon his "death" in 1476 at the age of 45 when he was captured and was to be executed for his crimes. But before he was beheaded, he drank the blood from the battlefield and became a true vampire. Upon accepting the powers of darkness by being transformed into an undead supernatural being, the cross that he had always kept with him shattered.

Alucard later became a part of the Hellsing Organization.


Personality and attributes

He typically dresses in Victorian style clothing with a charcoal suit, leather riding boots and a flamboyant red bowtie which was covered by a long red over-coat. He also wore a red fedora with a wide floppy brim as well as a pair of circular wire-frammed sunglasses that mostly hid his red colored eyes. Despite this being his typical clothing, he was also known to wear other outfits.

As he was noted as being perhaps the most powerful vampire known, he enjoyed immortality and thus was very egotistical. In battle he belittled his enemies and allowed them to chance to inflict seemingly fatal wounds on him before he healed himself and utterly destroyed his opponent. Rather they simply obliterate them, Alucard was known to break his enemy on a psychological level. He showed nothing but disgust when combating lower forms of vampires as he believed that they were simply unworthy of the life they lived - to the point that he once claimed that such individuals were not even worthy to be sent to the lowest pits in hell. Alucard often told such vampires that eternity was wasted on the likes of such individuals and he claimed that they were little more than scum. This was because he did not feel that they were true vampires and that the gift of immortality should only be given to those worthy of it. Thus, when facing such foes he displayed his full might and power though showed disappointment if his vampiric foe did not have similar feats.

In combat, he fought with intense ferocity and often showed extreme levels of cruelty in battle. He rarely killed his targets outright but rather shot to disable them upon which he attempted to humiliate them. His massive ego often gave enemies frequent attempts to try and kill him before he retaliated but upon failing to do so he demonstrated the full weight of his powers. He showed nothing but confidence in such engagements and often showed to his enemies that he was invincible. During such engagements, he often admitted to his enemy that he was a "monster" in the course of his battles showing that he had no guilt over what he was or what he did. Alucard once said that the Iscariot priest Alexander Anderson would never be able to kill him as he was neither man or monster; and that only a man was capable of killing a monster. He showed relish during one of his hunts against a vampiric priest and knowing the carnage his foe made - he claimed that it was such a wonderful night.

His service to the Hellsing Organization was not apparent though he claimed to a vampire priest that there was a specific reason he served his human masters. Whilst ruthless, he showed an odd relationship with Seras Victoria who he often referred to as "police girl". When she was in the grips of the vampire priest and facing death - he offered her the choice to join him. Namely that she would be transformed into a vampire but stated that it would have to be her choice. This was partly because he did not want her to resent him for turning her into a vampire as the decision ultimately was hers.

Powers and abilities

Being a vampire, he had enhanced strength which allowed him to wield pistols that were too heavy for Humans to handle. He was immortal allowing him to survive the ravages of time and was almost invincible due to his very powerful regenerative abilities. This was one of his most important powers as it far greater then ordinary vampiric powers as he reformed from his own blood after his body was shredded by gunfire.

He had a wide range of supernatural techniques at his disposal which he was capable of unleashing when he felt that he had toyed with his enemy enough. One power was simply warping the visions of his foes and placing them into a dark red tunnel where he appeared and could materialize at certain points. His ability to teleport allowed him to disappear into the shadows and emerge elsewhere or even move through walls. He claimed to a pair of young vampire lovers that instead of travelling by bike, they could have turned into bats or become fog.


  • Alucard was created by Kouta Hirano where he was voiced by Japanese actor Jouji Nakata and English actor Crispin Freeman.


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