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Anton Arcane in Swamp Thing v5 #11.

Dr. Anton Arcane is a male comic supervillain that features in DC Comics.




Transformed into an Un-Man in Swamp Thing v1 #10.

Anton Arcane was Romanian male who was the son of Josip Arcane and his wife Anaïs Arcane with him having two siblings named Aniela and Gregori. During World War I, his mother Anaïs was forced to seek shelter to the Barony of the her distant cousin Hans von Hammer when Romania was invaded by Austrian forces. (Swamp Thing v2 #83)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different series of events.

He was a noted servant and follower of the force of decay known as the Rot. For centuries, he had walked as a man around the world and had sired fifty children for the Rot. Among those children born was Abigail Arcane who he claimed as being special. (Swamp Thing v5 #10) At some point, it was noted that he had died long ago but in that time worked to reclaim the mantle of being the Avatar of the Rot. To accomplish this, the Rot orchestrated a plan to provoke the Green by awakening their ancient guardian known as Sethe in the hope that their foes in the Parliament of Trees would become desperate to combat this force leading to them bringing about the resurrection of Alec Holland. This came to pass but the resurrection of a fallen Avatar was a breach of the rules allowing the Rot to counter by bringing about the return of their own champion Avatar, Anton Arcane in order to bring about the emergence of Rotworld. (Swamp Thing v5 #12)

At some point, he was transferred to Arkham Asylum when Astrid Arkham began her plan against Batman. This saw her freeing some of the in-mates who began to work for her with Anton Arcane being among them. She tasked him with creating Un-Men to protect the observatory whilst she intended to use a device that emitted incredible light to blind the people of the citizen. However, Arcane was defeated by Damian Wane who used gas to render him unconscious. (Detective Comics v1 #1005)


Personality and attributes

Arcane in Swamp Thing v5 #23.1.

Powers and abilities

He was later reborn as a Lord of the Rot where he was given greater powers that made him beyond human. (Swamp Thing v5 #10)


  • Anton Arcane was created by Len Wein and Berni Wrightson where he made a cameo appearance in Swamp Thing v1 #1 (November, 1972) before making his first full appearance in Swamp Thing v1 #2 (January, 1973).

In other media


  • In Swamp Thing, Anton Arcane appeared as an antagonist in the 1991 animated television series where he was voiced by actor Don Francks. Similar to his other portrayals, Dr Arcane was obsessed with gaining the knowledge of immortality for his aging, vile form and believes that he can gain it from Swamp Thing. He appears as a wrinkled bald headed man with reptilian looking eyes. He wears a blue jacket and carries a staff with a skull on it which is equipped with several pieces of technology such as weapon blasts. Arcane ends in numerous skirmishes with the plant creature as the two battle for dominance in the swamps. His base is his mansion within the region with his neice, Abigail Arcane residing in the house with him though the two rarely interact. Arcane makes extensive use of his scientific knowledge as well as that of his Transducer in order to create genetic monsters to fight for him against Swamp Thing. One such creation of his are the Un-Men and he himself has once entered the chamber to become one of them. His Un-Men appearance takes that of a Humanoid spider hybrid where he is much stronger and capable of shooting webbing to capture his enemies.


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