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Attilan is a place that features in Marvel Comics.



Attilan in Fantastic Four v1 #47.


Attilan is the ancestral home of the Inhumans, a highly advanced offshoot of the human race. About seven thousand years ago, the Inhumans grew tired of centuries of persecution by their more primitive parent race, and decided to create a place of refuge for themselves. Under the leadership of King Myran, the Inhumans chose as a site for their city a small island in the northern Atlantic Ocean, located about two hundred miles southwest of Iceland. The city, which took several decades to complete, was named Attilan, a name derived from Atlantis, the former pinnacle of civilization on Earth that had vanished beneath the sea about three millennia before. Attilan has been the sole center of the Inhuman population ever since.

Long ago, the previous King of Attilan made the decision to remove the Slave Engine that resided deep beneath the city. This decision resulted in the younger royals led by Black Bolt rising up and instigating a challenge against him. Ultimately, the monarch was defeated and his name along with his position was stricken from all records as he was exiled from Attilan. (Mighty Avengers v1 #29)

For millennia, the Inhumans dwelled in Attilan, isolated from contact with mainstream humanity except for an occasional encounter with a lost Greek or Viking sailing vessel. Finally, in the mid-Twentieth Century, with the advent of steamships and airplanes, the Inhumans began to fear discovery by the human race. When one of his subjects was captured by human beings, young king Black Bolt determined that the Inhumans must move their civilization to some place more secure. Employing anti-gravity generators, the Inhumans moved their entire city and its foundation in one piece. The new site of Attilan, a hidden valley in the Himalayan Mountain range in China, was excavated by the Eternals, another variant offshoot of humanity. The Himalayan site of Attilan became known as "the Great Refuge." The Himalayas did not prove to be remote enough to enable the Inhumans to retain their secrecy, however, and soon the Inhumans' existence became known to several of the governments of the outside world, although not to the general public. While in the Himalayas, all of Attilan's ancient architecture was accidentally destroyed by Black Bolt and the city has been extensively redesigned and rebuilt.

Prior to leaving, Black Bolt hit the Reality Gem in a container which was kept in the catacombs that existed in the Himalayas beneath Attilan. (Avengers v4 #8) The Hood came to learn of the location of the gem and journeyed to the site where he acquired the stone as he began his quest to find the other Infinity Gems. (Avengers v4 #7)


It was relocated, this time to escape the effects of Earthly pollution and disease. Attilan is currently located in the "Blue Area of the Moon," nestled in the ruins of an ancient city built by the alien Kree whose technology gives the "Blue Area" its own artificially created atmosphere.

After the detonation of the T-Bomb, the fabric of space was badly damaged leading to an anomaly forming known as the Fault. Attilan was surrounded by the ruptured area of space-time when monstrous creatures began to emerge from it and attempted to consume Attilan. The Inhumans worked alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy to free Attilan and slow the expansion of the Fault. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #17)

More recently, Attilan was destroyed during the events of Infinity by Black Bolt when he detonates the Terrigen Bomb.

From the ruins of the city, the Inhumans rebuilt their home as New Attilan which now resided within New York near the Upper New York Bay. (Inhuman v1 #2)

Increasing Mutant/Inhuman tensions led to the X-Men gathering in numbers and approaching Attilan with Queen Medusa instituting Defense Protocol X as they prepared for hostilities. (Inhumans Vs. X-Men v1 #2)


Attilan departs in Fantastic Four v1 #240.

As an ancient kingdom, it was led by a long line of Inhuman rulers who ushered them people of Attilan into the modern age. (Inhuman v1 #6) The city was ruled over by a geneocracy with the people of Attilan seen together as family. (Secret Invasion: Inhumans v1 #1)

Notable location's within the city include:

  • Arena of Justice : a large area that allowed an individual to broadcast messages. (Incredible Hulk Special v1 #1)
  • Terrigen Chambers : located within the Attilan Undercity where the Terrigen were cultivated. (Realm of Kings: Inhumans v1 #1) It was powered from the bio-energy given from the Sacred Helix of Randac. (Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine v1 #5)
  • Temple of Randac : a site that included a dais where the tradition of Terrigenesis was conducted with young children went through the metamorphosis where small chambers contained the sacred Terrigen needed for the transformation. (Uncanny X-Men: First Class v1 #1)
  • Pit of the Dead : a site where the bodies of deceased Inhuman's was lowered and considered a hallowed area. (Inhumans: The Great Refuge v1 #1)
  • Concourse of Ancestors : located within the Attilan Undercity. (Realm of Kings: Inhumans v1 #1)
  • Weeping Tower : a site holding priests that taught martial arts and was where Karnak learnt his combat skills. (Uncanny X-Men: First Class v1 #2)
  • Shrine of Randac :
  • Citadel of Science : one of the regions within Attilan.(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine v1 #5)
  • Chamber of Devices : a workshop used by Maximus filled with various technological relics. (Realm of Kings: Inhumans v1 #4) It was where Maximus kept his more stranger inventions and weapons. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #17)

Within the towers of Attilan, there were the sacred Terrigen Laboratory where the Terrigen Mists were housed that served as the catalyst for releasing the Inhuman's genetic potential. (Inhumans: The Great Refuge v1 #1) Beneath Attilan, there were caverns where the Terrigen crystals were stored where they were exposed to heat and water to produce the Terrigen Mist. These caverns were considered sacred and only a select few were allowed entry with only ceremonial guards kept and air barriers used to prevent the mists from flooding Attilan as no Inhuman would dare break the sanctity of the site. Entry into the cavern was also dangerous without a protective suit as there was the risk irreversible genetic trauma. (Son of M v1 #2) When Attilan was in the Himalayas, a series of catacombs existed beneath the city that was where the Royal Family kept insurgents imprisoned. (Avengers v4 #8)

Deep beneath the city once resided the Slave Engine that was a machine constructed by the Inhumans from designs bequeathed to them by the Kree. (Mighty Avengers v1 #29) One component within Attilan allowed it to function as a veritable space going vessel where it could be powered by sources such as Black Bolt's voice with this being part of the Agon Contingency. (Mighty Avengers v1 #28) It was equipped with driver engines with gravity chambers that allowed it to travel through space. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #17)


  • Attilan was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where it made its first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #47 (February, 1966).
  • According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe v1 #1 (1983), Attilan was founded by King Myran around 7,000 years ago where it was built on an isolated island in the North Atlantic. It was later moved to the Himalayas during the 1950s.
  • In Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe v4 #14 (2005), it was stated that during the Great Cataclysm that sunk Atlantis in circa 18,000 B.C. that Attilan endured with it being regarded as a legend among humanity with it being encased in a protective dome.

In other media


  • In Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Attilan made an appearance in the episode "Inhuman Nature". It was shown as a hidden city in the Himalayas created by the pre-human advanced tribe known as the Inhumans who had superhuman powers who went to the refuge to isolate themselves from humanity that feared and hated them with the walls holding glyphs that told their history. During the modern age, they were led by King Black Bolt who forbid any contact with the outside world with this view being urged by his Minister of Defense who was his brother Maximus. Maximus was ordered not to construct any weapons of war against mankind but secretly built such armaments that he kept hidden within the Defense Cathedral. When Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. arrived, they were initially unable to pass through the protective barrier of the city and instead dug underneath it. Initially, the heroes came into conflict with the Inhuman Royal Family until Maximus revealed his betrayal by attempting to unleash the Atmo-Gun to destroy humanity. The combined might of the Royal Family and the Hulks destroyed it whereupon Black Bolt removed the order that forbade contact with the outside world. Maximus would initiate his last plan which was permanently activating the protective barrier of Attilan separating them from the rest of Earth until Black Bolt used his voice to shatter the energy dome.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, the throne-city of Attilan was shown in the episode "Inhumanity". It was depicted as a floating city ruled by the Inhuman Royal Family that maintained an isolationist stance with mankind. Attilan was taken over by Maximus who mind controlled the Royal Family and intended to spark a war with humans. The Royal Family was freed by Spider-Man and Triton, whereupon Black Bolt used his voice to propel the city back into the sky after Maximus plotted it's course to crash into New York City.
  • In Avengers Assemble, Attilan made a number of appearances in the animated series starting in the episode "Inhuman Condition". It was a floating city that served as the home of the secret society of super-powered beings known as the Inhumans that lived in isolation from the rest of the world. Deep beneath Attilan were a system of catacombs that contained secret vaults and chambers that hid relics. These were guarded by monstrous appearing crystal-like spider beasts who used webbing to trap intruders and could be called off with a specific sound from a sonic device. Long ago, it was noted that King T'Chanda of Wakanda asked the Inhumans of Attilan to keep of the Panther Key for safe keeping from agents of the Shadow Council with it residing in a vault in the catacombs. Through the Seekers deception, Ultron managed to take control of the city where he captured the Inhuman Royal Family and utilised a device that intended to destroy the human race. However, the Avengers intervened but were unable to stop the machine except to alter its effect which led to them unleashing a Terrigen Mist around the world which was harmless to humans but activated the dormant among New Inhumans that were unaware of their heritage.
  • In Guardians of the Galaxy, Attilan made an appearance in the animated series in the episode "Crystal Blue Persuasion". It was established by the Inhuman after the Kree left them on Earth following genetically hyper-evolving them. Following the discovery of Terrigen crystals, the Inhumans empowered themselves with super-human abilities but suffered from the Terrigen plague that slowly killed them. As a result, they launched their city of Attilan from Earth into space as they sought the Kree for a cure. Inside the city, they went into stasis but Maximus took control after curing himself of the plague. Maximus pledged his loyalty to Ronan the Accuser in exchange for being made Supreme Leader of the Inhumans but the renegade Kree saw their kind as an abomination where he attempted to destroy the city. The Guardians of the Galaxy aided in saving Attilan from destruction whereupon the Inhumans decided whether to seek out the Kree or return to Earth.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Attilan made an appearance in the video game where it was located in the Blue Area of the Moon and served as a base for the superhero alliance after Doctor Doom acquired All-Father Odin's power allowing him to take over Earth.
  • In Marvel: Avengers Academy, the Attilan Academy was established in the setting of the mobile video game where it was a school run by the Inhuman Royal Family to train their kind.
  • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, Attilan appeared in the setting of the Wii video game. It was showing as a large floating city that was home to the Inhumans and was hidden on Earth's Moon where their kind lived in isolation. The Avengers sought out the Inhumans aid against the Mad Titan Thanos who was looking to claim the Infinity Stones. Maximus the Mad at this time staged a coup using the Alpha Primitives but was defeated by the heroes leading to his arrest.


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