Auric Goldfinger

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Auric Goldfinger.

Auric Goldfinger was a billionaire businessman who was obsessed with gold. Hoping to increase the value of his own stock, Goldfinger made a deal with the Red Chinese whereby he would invade the gold depository at Fort Knox, in a scheme dubbed Operation Grandslam, and explode an atomic bomb supplied by Mr. Ling within it, irradiating the United States' gold supply thereby increasing the value of his own.

He was thwarted by James Bond, with some help from Goldfinger's pilot Pussy Galore, who alerted Felix Leiter to Goldfinger's plan. Although Operation Grandslam was thwarted and the bomb disarmed, Goldfinger, disguised as an army general, escaped. Later he snuck aboard the plane carrying Bond and Pussy, and attempted to kill them, however when a stray bullet pierced a window, the cabin depressurized and Goldfinger was sucked out of the plane to his death.

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