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Bayonetta is a female video game character from the game Bayonetta.



Bayonetta was born Cereza who was the child of a forbidden romance between the Umbra Witch Rosa and the Lumen Sage Father Balder on December 19 1411 at the city of Vigrid. At some point, the Left Eye of the Eyes of the World were placed within Bayonetta for safe keeping by the clan. In her childhood, she used to play with a fellow witch by the name of Jeanne who was later selected to become the heiress of the clan. Thus, the Umbran Elder asked her to select an opponent to which Jeanne chose Bayonetta despite this breaking Umbran law. During their fight, Jeanne was defeated by Bayonetta though afterwards a full scale war erupted between the Umbran Witches and Lumen Sages where the two fought side by side against their enemies. Ultimately, the war was won by the Witches but Humans grew fearful of their power and began massive witch hunts that eliminated the clan that left only Jeanne as well as Bayonetta as its survivors. Jeanne later grew fearful that her clans treasure namely the Left Eye would fall into the hands of the Sages and Laguna which led to hear sealing Bayonetta within a lake for 500 years. She remained in this slumber within the coffin at the bottom of the lake for centuries until 3 March 1977. At the time, a journalist by the name of Antonio Redgrave with his young son Luka Redgrave had come to the lake to discover if the rumors of a witch were true. Antonio would swim to the bottom of the lake and retrieve the coffin thus awakening Bayonetta who had suffered amnesia thus she had forgotten some elements of her past. At this point, she was attacked by angels of Paradiso that were unseen by Human eyes. During her fight with them, Antonio was killed in the battle and Bayonetta later fled to roam the world.


Personality and attributes

Bayonetta is portrayed as a beautiful young woman who posseses a slender yet rather curvaceous and tall figure like other Umbra Withches in her clan. She has black hair wrapped into a beehive-like hairdo and gray eyes; also, she has a mole located at bottom of her left cheek close to her lips. Her main attire is composed of a skin-tight suit made of out of her hair that has a rose design on the abdomen as well as long white gloves, black and gray heels and thin, gold chains; she also wears glasses that have the design of butterfly wings close to the lenses, three small belts strapped on each arm, and a pair of gold, cat-shaped earrings. She wears an Umbra Watch over her bust that contains red jewel previously thought to be the Left Eye. Four metal symbols are attached to her hair, three of them are the shape of the crescent moon, the other is the symbol of the Umbra Witches; also, Bayonetta has a hair ribbon wrapped around her hairdo that extends down to to her legs covered in demonic language.

For the most part, Bayonetta can be seen as a calm character. She claims not to care about children, but becomes attached to Cereza. She hates cockroaches and crying babies. She cares about her clan deeply, despising her father for influencing the witch hunts. Initially, she comes off as callous and nonchalant, though later on she becomes much more caring. She tends to tease Luka, whether by scaring him or by sensually playing with him. She rather enjoys fighting angels in a playful yet brutal manner and she maintains her cool even when up against powerful angels such as the Auditos.

Powers and abilities

She was later given four pistols by Rodin who stated that they were one of a kind weapon which were created from a special alloy that the Devil himself would have killed to had acquired. Two of the pistols were located on each foot whilst the other two were held in the hands. Each pistol was named after the old English ballad Scarborough Fair and consisted of Rosemary, Parsely, Sage and Thyme.

Her Umbran powers allowed her to unleash the Beast Within; this allowed her to transform into an animal form and gain new mysterious magical powers. Through this ability, she had the capacity to transform into a panther allowing her to travel as fast as the wind as well as climb the most difficult of cliffs with ease.

Her highest abilities were Infernal Demons which was she was capable of channeling through her hair. As her clothes consisted of this magical, it typically disappeared from her body leaving her in a near-naked state. The first of this black haired coated demons was Gomorrah which emerged from a solid surface and was restricted in its movement by the hair. Resembling a massive dog head, this entity was capable of grabbing creatures in its massive jaws and rip through their bodies until they were killed. The second Infernal Demon was Malphas which was much more mobile than Gomorrah and resembled a wing demonic crow.



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