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Bizarro-Amazo, after becoming Bizarro World's greatest supervillain.

Bizarro-Amazo was a Bizarro duplicate of Amazo created by the Bizarro Justice League as an enemy. Striving to be Bizarro World's greatest villain, he quickly decided to act as a sort of Robin Hood, stealing the powers from the Bizarro World's Bizarro-Supermen and other superbeings and transferring them to the non-powered population. When he completed his task on the Bizarro World, Bizarro-Amazo went to Earth, giving Superman-like powers to normal humans, until a ruse concocted by Superman and Bizarro convinced him that he was diminishing his own strength. He thus chose to restore the powers to their rightful places, rendering himself absolutely powerless. He now proclaimed himself the best villain, but the Bizarro Justice League pointed out that Bizarro-Luthor and Bizarro-Joker were also powerless villains; so, he did one better, and shut himself down, thus assuring himself immortality in the minds of Bizarros everywhere.

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