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Black Tom Cassidy in New Excalibur v1 #7.

Black Tom Cassidy is a male comic supervillain who features in Marvel Comics.



Thomas Cassidy was an Irish male Mutant born in the modern age as a member of the Cassidy family and was the cousin to Sean Cassidy. (X-Men v1 #101) As young men, they inherited the Cassidy title as lords and nobles along with the fortune even though the family suffered through bills and financial debts to pay. Despite that, they lived at the Cassidy Keep where the two cousins spent much time together. (Classic X-Men v1 #16)

One day, Tom found that Sean had come late after going out and had come to the Keep past midnight. The reason was because he was stopped by police who mistakenly thought he was part of the Irish Republican Army. He was saved by a biker though the pair nearly fell of a cliff but Sean used his powers to fly them to the Keep. The biker was a woman named Maeve Rourke and Tom was smitten by her where he introduced himself to the young lady who was dropped back at her university residence by Sean who was equally attracted to her. (Classic X-Men v1 #16) Tom came to love her but she fell in love with Sean Cassidy with their relationship developing gradually. (X-Force v1 #31) Over the years, they saw one another and Sean asked her out to the university ball. However, whilst driving there, he was chased by the same authorities that believed him to be a member of the IRA forcing him to go on the run temporarily thus preventing him from attending the ball. He informed Tom Cassidy who went in his stead where he was tempted to not tell Maeve the real reason Sean was unable to come as she had mistakenly believed he had intentionally not arrived on their date. However, Tom could not bear to lie to Maeve and told her the truth where she respected him for it as she considered him a close friend. (Classic X-Men v1 #16) By adulthood, Sean and Maeve married with Tom Cassidy attending their marriage as his cousin's best man. (X-Force v1 #31)

Eventually, Maeve came to be pregnant with Sean's child but had not informed him as he was away from Ireland for long periods at a time. This was because Sean Cassidy was operating as a secret Interpol agent whose assignments took him away from home regularly. Maeve gave birth to her daughter Theresa Cassidy but died shortly afterwards with Tom left to care for the new born child of the woman he loved. When Sean returned from his mission, he went to see Maeve but was distraught to learn she had died. Tom went to Maeve's grave where Sean was in order to console him and let him know that he had a daughter. However, Sean lashed out in anger as he came to blame his cousin for Maeve's death and believed he should have protected her. This saw him unleash a sonic scream that sent Tom off the ledge causing him to break his leg in the fall and forcing him to use a cane in the future. This became the start of the enmity between the cousins and Tom decided not to inform Sean of his daughter. Instead, he decided to raise the young Theresa himself and as she grew up he told her that her father was dead in order to hide the truth about them. (X-Force v1 #31)

In the years that followed, Tom began to conduct illegal operations and work with the black market. Theresa was not aware of these activities and Tom cared for her as if she was his own daughter. In an effort to protect Theresa, he had her sent to St. Elizabeth's private school when she was 12 years old so that she would be away from his criminal operations. This caused her to resent her uncle for abandoning her and she came to blame herself as she came to believe she was the cause for being sent away. Around three years later, his criminal enterprise was infiltrated by his own cousin Sean Cassidy leading to Tom's arrest by Interpol where he was found guilty of black marketeering with him being sentenced to five years in prison. During that time, Theresa cut contact with him as she did not attend his trial or see him in prison. (X-Force v1 #31)


Personality and attributes

He was noted for being the older cousin to his Sean Cassidy. (Classic X-Men v1 #16)

Whilst at Cassidy Keep, he was served by Eamon O'Donnell who served the Cassidy family as a seneschal and steward of the house. Though working for Black Tom Cassidy, he often regretted his actions and said he had done many evil things during his service to him. (X-Men v1 #101)

Powers and abilities

As a member of the Cassidy family, he called Cassidy Keep in Ireland his home. It Had first been built over a thousand years ago by Liam Cassidy to defend the coastline from Viking raiders with it being rebuilt numerous times over the centuries but noted to had never fallen to an invader. (X-Men v1 #101)


  • Black Tom Cassidy was created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum where he made his first appearance in X-Men v1 #101 (October, 1976).

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