Blackie Cole

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Blackie Cole

Blackie Cole was a criminal who was after Professor Gibbs' invisibility machine, intending to make himself invisible in order to return to his (unnamed) birth country, where he was a wanted man. His homesickness for his native land made Blackie prone to 'uncontrolled outbursts of weeping,' something which his gang members were wary of since Blackie's sob-fests often led to him executing his own men out of embarrassment.

He hid out somewhere in Mexico, sending his three henchmen Foghorn, Hammerhead, and Bill across the border into the United States to seek out and steal Gibbs' invention. He intended to have them dismantle the device, then return to Mexico with it so his own scientist, Hernandez, could re-assemble the machine in his laboratory. Although the thugs succeeded in acquiring the machine itself, they forgot to get the chemical formula required to make it work, and a test-run in Hernandez's lab using Foghorn as a guinea pig failed miserably.

Furious, Blackie sent Hammerhead and Bill back to the U.S. to kidnap Professor Gibbs himself. They caught him at Richard Russell's estate, taking him and Kitty Carroll back to Mexico.

Blackie's attempts to force Gibbs to make the machine work were fruitless, and Kitty, the Invisible Woman, made herself invisible and after defeating all of Blackie's thugs tricked Blackie himself into believing that touching one of the machine's electrodes was the key to becoming invisible. Blackie touched it and was electrocuted. Although he survived, it is assumed he was arrested and sent to prison.

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