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Blanque is a male comic supervillain who features in DC Comics.




He stated that no prison was able to hold him as he had escaped time after time whereupon he left a trail of deaths in his wake. Several years ago, he came upon an isolated town in America on Earth where he destroyed much of it when he was confronted by Superman. The Man of Steel came to struggle against the villains telekinetic powers but ultimately managed to render him unconscious by taking him into space. He then imprisoned him at his secret citadel built in the mountains where he was kept in a cell designed to prevent him from using his powers to control others from a distance. By the modern day, Superman had brought astronaut Hank Henshaw to his headquarters in order to help him but his presence was telepathically detected by Blanque. The villain then controlled his body and used him to open his cell so that Blanque could be free once more. (Superman: Lois and Clark v1 #3)


Personality and attributes

Destruction and death were considered an art to him with him seeking to create a masterpiece through it as he considered himself an artist. It was known that he had wiped out entire towns. (Superman: Lois and Clark v1 #3) He performed such acts because he believed everything was destined to die which was why he killed in order to make a person's demise epic and done so with style. Blanque felt that all people wanted a memorable death that would leave others talking about it for years. (Superman: Lois and Clark v1 #4)

Superman considered him a being so incomprehensibly evil that was unlike anyone else he had encountered and necessitated an extreme response to combat him. Blanque stated that he and god were unacquainted with them being chief adversaries to one another. (Superman: Lois and Clark v1 #3)

Powers and abilities

He had a range of psionic talents at his disposal that he could use against others. This included the use of telepathy where he could communicate to the minds of others. Among his talents included telekinesis allowing him to control objects through his mind. (Superman: Lois and Clark v1 #3) With it, he was able to move objects, shape them, bend them to his desire or utilise them as weapons. (Superman: Lois and Clark v1 #4)


  • Blanque was created by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks where he made his first appearance in Superman: Lois and Clark v1 #3 (February, 2016).


  • Superman: Lois and Clark v1: (2016)

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