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The Book of Skelos was a magical book that featured in the Conan universe.



Cartoon continuity

One of the Books of Skelos was located in the Crevasse of Winds where it was guarded by an adult corrupted Phoenix. This book was destroyed in the struggle to obtain its knowledge. (Conan the Adventurer: The Crevasse of Winds)

It was noted that the last of the Book of Skelos was a source of good magic that was located in the Temple of Gualoor which was rumoured to have been the gateway to a demon city that was destroyed ages ago and was where it was protected by an evil spirit who sought to hide it from outsiders. The spirit of the dead sorceror Epimetrius the Sage informed Conan of the Book of Skelos's location and suggested that it might have a cure for the Spell of Living Stone cast upon his family. To find the temple, the spirit of Epimetrius told Conan in a dream that the Amulet of Vathelos will guide him to his destination.

After finding the temple, Conan attempted to use the book only to be swept away by dark magic and transported into the demon city of Tam Ashar where the evil spirit Evilakk attempted to destroy him as per Wrath-Amon's orders. With his friends taken by the demon, Conan discovered that the creature used illusions against its enemies and used his training to avoid their harmful magic. However, he still had to face the demon Evilakk who was impervious to conventional means but Conan used a stone pillar to throw the demon into the Book of Skelos which destroyed its evil essence after which the broken temple of Gualoor collapsed around Conan but not before he retrieved the book.

With the book in his hands, Conan and his friends travelled to Xanthus where he asked for Greywolf's help in using its magic to restore his family. Using its knowledge, the Council of Wizards of Xanthus discovered a spell that when used in conjunction with the Amulet of Vathelos was capable of undoing the Spell of Living Stone. (Conan the Adventurer: The Book of Skelos)


Cartoon continuity

The power of the Book contained a source of good magic and thus could not be touched by those with evil powers. Those composed of evil were destroyed upon touching the book.

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